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Jaded chuckled. ’’Yes. Let\s not forget that classic line that finally broke his barely contained control. What did you say, Brawn? You were going to fill her with your seed and plant it? That was a nice touch.’’

Breeze reached out and squeezed Brawn\s wide shoulder. ’’You said all that to him?’’

He sipped his juice. ’’I about lost my head. As your councilperson, I\m here for you always when you need a favor. Next time though, warn me if you might get me killed so I at least see it coming. I expected anger but he honestly wanted to rip me to shreds.

Next time you need a favor, I want to be the Species who lies for you and makes the call, pretending to be Justice\s secretary.’’

Breeze stepped closer to his chair. ’’You\ e my hero. Would you like to dance? You feel tense and I know how to relieve that.’’

Brawn\s gaze widened and he grinned. ’’I would love to.’’

Breeze lifted her fingertips to rub the exposed skin at his neck. ’’Let\s go.’’

Brawn stood and winked at the other three men. ’’Risking my ass paid off, so don\ laugh too hard. You sit here while I dance with a beautiful female.’’

’’We helped,’’ Bestial said and laughed. ’’Do you have any friends who want to dance with us?’’

Breeze wiggled her finger at them. ’’It\s party night. We\ e all in the mood to have some fun.’’

Cedar stood. ’’Good deeds do pay off.’’

Jaded finished his drink and stood. ’’I love party night.’’

’’Me too,’’ Bestial growled. ’’Let\s go have a few hours of fun with our females.’’

Chapter Nineteen

Jessie zipped her gym bag but Justice took it from her before she could lift it from the bed. She grinned, amused that he\d really driven her straight to the house to pack.

He\d helped by bagging everything inside the bathroom and had taken most of it next door already.

’’I could have done this tomorrow when you\ e at work.’’

’’I want it settled tonight.’’ Justice reached up and caressed her cheek with his fingertips. ’’I don\ want you to have a reason to come over here again. You live with me.’’

His tender words filled her with happiness. He was totally committed to their relationship now, it wasn\ a secret anymore and he wasn\ hesitant in the least to make it permanent.

’’What about all those boxes in the living room? Are we going to move those too?’’

’’No. I will have someone do that in the morning.’’

Jessie glanced around the room to make sure she wasn\ leaving anything behind.

’’I\m done. That was the last of it.’’

’’Let\s go.’’ Justice dropped his hand to grab a second bag. ’’Lead the way, mate.’’

Jessie walked up the front steps to Justice\s home, a little nervous since she\d never been inside it before. She hoped she loved it as much as the house she\d just left. She reached for the door handle to open it for him.


She glanced at him, arched an eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest as he set down her bags. ’’What? Did you leave it a mess?’’

He chuckled. ’’Stay here. Don\ peek.’’ He opened the door, shoved it wide and picked up her bags again. He disappeared inside.

She couldn\ see a thing since he didn\ turn on lights. He moved around inside. She could hear him but had no clue what he was trying to hide from her. With her luck the guy was a slob, but a se*y one. He had mentioned he had a male who cleaned for him.

At least she wouldn\ be stuck picking up after him.

He stepped out of the darkness onto the porch and she gasped in surprise as he suddenly bent, his shoulder pressed against her hip and an arm hooked behind her legs. He stood quickly, draped her down his back and flipped on a light inside the door.

His other hand massaged her ass as he carried her inside, used his foot to kick the door closed and chuckled.

’’Lock the door.’’

She had to grab her hair with a fist just to see, twisted the bolt near her face and turned her head to get a limited glimpse of a surprisingly neat living room. ’’Put me down.’’

’’No. I\m not totally clueless about humans. I\m always studying their ways and I\m familiar with carrying a bride over the threshold the first time she enters their shared home. We\ e mated as far as I\m concerned, the wedding is just paperwork for your world but you\ e mine, honey. I\m carrying you to bed and showing you the proper respect you deserve by following your valued traditions.’’

It was so sweet she didn\ have the heart to tell him that most guys didn\ toss women over their shoulders. She chuckled, released her hair and cupped his muscular ass as he quickly strode through the hallway. He had the best butt and she barely took notice of his room when they entered it as he flipped on the light.

He adjusted her when he bent, easing her to sit on the edge of his mattress and crouched before her. He smiled. ’’Welcome to our home. Now take off your clothes. I missed you and if I don\ make love to you soon I\m going to lose all control.’’ He rose, kicked off his shoes and tore at his jacket. ’’Hurry,’’ he softly growled.

Jessie watched him strip quickly, enjoying the view of every se*y inch of skin and muscle he revealed. He looked up after he removed his pants, narrowed his eyes and frowned.

’’Undress. I mean it, Jessie. It\s been two weeks and I would hate to tear it off you.

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