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It\s a nice dress.’’

Jessie kicked off her shoes. She reached behind her and unzipped the dress and unhooked her bra. She let them slide down her body as she slid off the bed. Justice purred when she stripped out of her panties. She backed up when he took a step toward her.


Justice froze. ’’What?’’

’’We need to talk for a minute.’’

’’I don\ want to talk.’’

’’Well, we need to.’’

He growled. ’’What about?’’

’’Did you sleep with Kit?’’

He frowned. ’’No.’’

She frowned back, closely studying his features for any hint of a lie or guilt.


’’The only female I want is you. I don\ settle for less than what I want.’’

She nodded, sure he was being sincere. ’’This whole mate thing, does that mean you won\ cheat on me?’’

He smiled. ’’That\s what it means. You\ e it for me and I\m it for you. It\s a commitment to only be with each other.’’

’’For life?’’


’’Okay. Good.’’

’’Are we done talking now?’’

She glanced at the bed and smiled. ’’Just a few more things to go over.’’

He clenched his hands, his body tensed and his aroused c**k twitched visibly, waving a little at her. ’’What else?’’

’’Do I get my job back that I quit tonight? I like working with the women over at the dorm.’’

’’You never lost your job. I didn\ accept you quitting.’’

Jessie grinned. ’’Good.’’

’’Now are we done talking?’’

’’There\s just one more thing to go over.’’

’’What?’’ He inched closer, looking ready to pounce on her.

Jessie sucked her bottom lip inside her mouth. ’’You.’’

He blinked. ’’What about me?’’

’’I want you on the bed and I want to be on top.’’

His eyes narrowed while Jessie held her breath. They stared at each other and he took a step back. ’’You want to get even for tonight and last night. You want me to submit to you to soothe your injured pride.’’

’’No. I just want to be on top. You liked it last time and so did I.’’

’’You want me to let you be in control of our se*?’’

’’I like that position and I swear this isn\ about getting even or dominance.’’

He shot her a wary look and climbed up on the bed to flip over onto his back. ’’Only for you and if you ever tell...’’ His gaze roamed her body. ’’I\d have to assert my dominance over you publicly in worse ways than I did at the bar.’’

’’What does that mean?’’ Jessie leaned against the bed. ’’Why are these beds so high? I need a stepstool to get up there.’’

Justice laughed and reached over to grip her wrist and yanked her all the way on the mattress. ’’We\ e tall. I\ll help you into bed. It\s the getting out of bed you\ll have a problem with since I\ll want to keep you here. I\d have to mount you in front of all of my people if I have to assert my dominance.’’

Jessie laughed at his joke but he didn\ . He arched an eyebrow instead, watching her silently. She stopped laughing, realizing he was serious. It shocked and stunned her.

’’Really? That\s... If you ever tried to do that to me in front of other people I\d shoot you. You would really have to have se* with me in front of them all? I\m totally not into that whole voyeurism-se* thing.’’

He suddenly laughed. ’’No. I just wanted to see your expression.’’

Jessie relaxed and smiled. ’’So what would you really do to me if I told someone you let me do this?’’ Jessie straddled his thighs and lowered her body across his. Her head dipped and her tongue licked his stomach near his bellybutton.

’’I\d have to punish you,’’ he softly groaned.

Jessie scooted higher to lick his nipple and sucked the hardening flesh between her teeth. She nipped him and he made a low purring sound. Jessie felt his hard c**k trapped between their stomachs jerk in response. She released his nipple and brushed kisses across his chest until her mouth encountered his other nipple to tease.

’’How would you punish me, Justice?’’

His hands gripped her hips. ’’I\d torture you, Jessie. You like me to move fast inside you but I\d hold you down and move so slowly you\d beg me to f**k you the way you like. I wouldn\ . I\d draw it out until you couldn\ take it anymore.’’

Jessie\s entire body responded to his sensual threat. She shifted her h*ps and lifted up as she pulled away from his nipple and sat up straight. Her fingers curled around the shaft she gripped, stroked the velvety length and brushed her thumb over the crown. Moisture from pr**cum helped her tease the edges as she drew circles.

’’You know if you threaten to tease me that I can do the same, baby.’’

’’Jessie,’’ he purred, ’’it\s been weeks. I want it to be good for you but keep that up and I won\ last.’’

Jessie lowered her h*ps over his, adjusted his c**k and rubbed her pu**y over it. She moaned softly, enjoying it when it teased her clit, ready to take him inside her. She\d missed him too, knew how good he\d feel and pushed her h*ps down. Justice threw his head back and released her to claw the bed as she took him inside.

’’Nails,’’ she moaned. ’’You feel so good. Just don\ destroy the bed. I\m sleeping in it with you later.’’

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