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’’F*k the bed,’’ Justice growled.

’’F*k me,’’ Jessie moaned, lowered her chin and stared into his passion-filled gaze.

Jessie closed her eyes, threw her head back and sank down farther, taking more of him, to enjoy him stretching her vaaa**l walls. The sensation of Justice filling her was the best thing in the world. She pressed down until she knew he was fully, snugly settled and their connection was complete. She moved up and down to adjust, taking it slow at first and it was torture. Her body\s desire to come urged her to ride him faster.

Justice purred and growled, making erotic sounds that drove her passion higher.

His hand came up, gripping her leg and his thumb slid between her spread thighs. He brushed her clit, drawing circles with just enough pressure to make her vaaa**l muscles clench around his thick girth. Jessie moaned louder, riding him faster.

Justice suddenly rolled. Jessie gasped in surprise but then moaned when he drove into her deep and fast, trapped her with his weight and she knew he was in control. He looked se*y and fierce as he softly growled at her, showed his teeth when he smiled and braced his arms to pin her tightly under him.

’’My turn.’’

Justice thrust into her fast and hard, not holding back anything and she wrapped around him. Her legs hooked over his ass, her arms wound around his neck. Their bodies moved together perfectly as he thrust inside her, hitting every nerve ending that screamed for release. He drove into her deeper, more forcefully and adjusted his c**k to hit a spot that made her cry out his name.

Pleasure crashed through her as Justice moved faster and harder. She screamed his name as the cl**ax hit. Justice threw back his head and a roar tore from his throat. Their bodies jerked and locked together. Jessie relaxed as the last twinge of pleasure washed through her and Justice\s body draped over hers.

’’You\ e my mate,’’ Justice whispered against her ear, brushing a kiss on her throat.

’’Thank God,’’ she whispered back.

Justice chuckled. ’’There is one thing I would like to tell you.’’ He lifted his head to make her look him.

’’What is it?’’

’’We discovered it\s possible for us to have children when a human became pregnant by one of our males. Their healthy, strong baby was born weeks ago.’’ He cupped her face. ’’The baby is Species, has our facial traits and resembles his father. I want to have a child with you. Will you think about it?’’

Shock hit her not that they could have kids, something that she already knew but wasn\ supposed to, thanks to Breeze trusting her. It was the fact that Justice wanted to have a child with her. He\d gone from fighting them being together to asking her to be the mother of his unborn children. It was a fast switch.

Justice rolled them on their sides, opened a little space between their bodies and cupped her stomach. ’’I want you to swell with my child and I want you bound to me in every way possible.’’ He stared deeply into her eyes. ’’I want to do everything to bind you to me in every way. You make me happy.’’ He smiled. ’’You make my life complete.’’

Tears filled Jessie\s eyes. ’’You are so good with words.’’

He frowned. ’’What does that mean?’’

She laughed and wiped her tears away. ’’It means I\d love to have a baby with you though I\d like to wait a year at least. I want time with you first and you need to take more time off work before we have one. I want us to raise our child or children together, not just me raising our baby while you\ e gone at work.’’

’’I\m your mate. We\ll do everything together.’’

’’Honey, you\ e a workaholic.’’ She licked her lips. ’’My dad is one and he wasn\ around for me much when I was a kid. My worst fear was growing up and marrying someone like him. Ironic, isn\ it? You make him look downright lazy when it comes to the hours you put in but I\m an adult. I get why you work so hard but kids don\ understand how important your job is. They just feel abandoned and like they come in second. Do you understand? You need to learn how to relax more before we become parents.’’

’’I\m going to hand over some duties to the council and that will free up a lot of my time. I can wait a year and you\ll see that we will have lots of time together. I can relax and you\ e going to teach me how. I had no life but being the face of my people. That\s all changed now, Jessie. I love them but you\ e my number-one priority.’’ His gaze narrowed. ’’You\ e my mate. You come first before all others. I will step down in the morning to show you how much you mean to me. I love you and you\ e everything to me.’’

She knew he meant it and her love for him grew stronger. ’’I don\ want you to quit but I do want you to work less hours. What you do is so important and I don\ want to change who you are. You\ e the man I want to be with. I just ask for more of your time.

Getting help from your council sounds ideal.’’

He smiled. ’’Done. I would like to have more than one child. I would like to keep you pregnant and I could do it.’’

’’We\ll talk numbers after we have our first one.’’

He looked hopeful. ’’But at least two?’’

’’I love you with my entire heart and you make me happy too.’’ She grinned. ’’When you\ e not pissing me off but I still love you more than I want to kill you. You make my life complete too.’’

’’I was told this next thing is good news. When I get you pregnant what is the worst thing about being pregnant?’’

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