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’’Getting fat.’’

He laughed. ’’Second worst thing?’’

’’Morning sickness.’’

’’How about nine months of being pregnant?’’

’’Yeah. That sounds like a pain but it\s worth it.’’

Justice suddenly rolled onto Jessie and pinned her under him. ’’It\s a Species baby you will carry, Jessie. The first baby was born in twenty weeks, healthy and at full term.

We heal faster than you and we were designed different. It seems our babies develop faster than yours do. The second human mother-to-be is experiencing the same accelerated pregnancy. We think twenty weeks is the pregnancy length.’’ His gaze searched hers. ’’Would you still carry my child?’’

Jessie was stunned. Five months ? Justice rolled away and sat up.

’’It is too much, isn\ it? Are you afraid now to consider having my child?’’

Jessie rolled onto her side and propped her head on her bent arm. ’’No. I\m just trying to process this news. It\s stunning.’’

’’Are you repulsed?’’

’’No. Never. I\d love to carry our baby inside me and it\s kind of cool. Hell, I could almost have two of our children in the time it takes my kind to have one baby.’’

He looked relieved. ’’So you are agreeing to have at least two. Good.’’

She inched closer, reached out and rubbed his thigh. ’’So, any other surprises to throw at me?’’

’’The doctors have helped Fury\s mate, Ellie, get pregnant. She had something called a blocked tube but now they are having a baby. We\ e planning to move them to Reservation to hide that when she begins to show more. We can\ allow your people find out yet. We don\ think they are ready to learn of us having children and are worried they will react badly if they knew Species babies exist. Our child won\ be alone.’’

Jessie nodded. ’’We\ e going to have to open a school for our children before they are old enough to need one. We sure can\ send them to public schools outside the gates. They\d be in too much danger.’’

Justice covered her hand to hold it. ’’My mate is smart. What other things are you thinking?’’

’’I\m thinking we will need to practice getting pregnant. We want to do it right.’’

He glanced at her and growled. In seconds he had flipped her over and yanked her to her hands and knees. He entered her gently, f**king her deeply and Jessie moaned.

Justice thrust into her slowly and steadily until she nearly came. He paused when she was right on the edge.

She turned her head. ’’Don\ stop.’’

’’You have complaints? I need practice?’’

He suddenly thrust in hard and fast, curled around her back and his teeth gripped her shoulder. One of his hands left the bed and his finger strummed her clit.

Jessie came screaming and Justice roared his own pleasure from behind her. They collapsed on the bed side by side, still connected and Jessie laughed once she caught her breath. Sometimes him not understanding what she was trying to say wouldn\ be a bad thing. He\d mistaken her joke for a complaint. Justice nipped her shoulder and she jerked from the jolt of pleasure. It sent a pulse straight to her clit, reminding her how sensitive it currently was.

His teeth released her. ’’How was that?’’

She turned her head to look into his smug gaze. ’’It\s a human joke. Sorry. I love the way you take me, Justice. You don\ do a thing wrong. It\s just a saying. It means we should have lots more se* so they say to ’’practice getting pregnant’’ as a joke.’’

He chuckled. ’’I see.’’

’’But I\ll be sure to say that again. When I do could you forget you know what it really means? I liked this a hell of a lot.’’

’’So you want a lot more se*?’’

’’I always want you.’’

He grinned. ’’We were designed for endurance and strength. Do you know what else?’’

’’You\ e wildly handsome and have the best body I\ve ever seen in my entire life and it makes me want to drool when you take off your clothes?’’

He kissed her. ’’Besides that.’’


’’Our recovery time. You want more se*?’’ He moved inside her slowly. ’’Did you ever wonder why I always pull out of you after se*? I don\ soften if I\m inside you. As long as I\m in you I can go for hours.’’

Jessie moaned.

’’This time we\ e going slow.’’

She shook her head. ’’That\s torture.’’

Justice secured her there while he kept moving inside her. His other hand roamed her belly, her br**sts and played with her ni**les.

’’You\ e going to love it. I\m going to keep moving in you slowly and steadily while I touch you all over. It\s another talent of mine.’’

’’You\ e going to kill me.’’

’’No. I\m just giving you what you want.’’


’’You\ e so impatient.’’ His hand left her breast to roam down her stomach and he used his legs to spread her thighs wider apart, pinning them open to touch her exposed cl*t with taps of his fingertip. ’’Slow and steady, Jessie.’’

Jessie almost cl**axed from the sensation of the gentle beat that he tattooed over the bundle of nerves. He thrust in slowly, keeping time as he played with her body.

’’Do you really love me, Jessie?’’


He stopped tapping on her, his hand twisted and his finger and thumb pinched her cl*t gently, tugging a little and rubbed. He drove into her steadily but shifted his hips, thrusting into her deeper. In seconds Jessie was screaming his name as she came. Justice threw his head back, arched his spine and roared as he came, filling her with his warm release.

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