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He suddenly leaned forward to kiss her lips. ’’I love you.’’ His smile died and his eyes narrowed. ’’We don\ have time to vote on my plan.’’

An alarm screamed throughout the house and Justice cursed. ’’They have breached our home. Get inside the bathroom. I can\ concentrate if I don\ know where you are.

Do it or you\ll get us both killed.’’

He flipped off the light, grabbed her arm and shoved open the closet door. She was propelled forward by his strong hold, led into the bedroom where he quickly checked before he left her there.

Son of a bitch. He was going to face off against five Species males alone because she had br**sts...or it might be because she was human. She couldn\ see him telling any of the muscular Species females to hide in the bathroom while he fought. They were kickass and he\d have kept a Species female at his side to help even out the odds.

Jessie resisted the urge to follow him, knew it would distract him since he seemed certain she needed his protection and hoped that no one would really dare attack Justice. Species adored him and appreciated all the sacrifices he made. It was inconceivable that any of them would wish him harm.

She could barely make out the dim interior of the room, seeing more shadows than anything. Her gaze drifted to the best location to set up an offense that being the far corner away from the one window and the open door to the bedroom.

The tub was the exact size and model of the one inside her old home. It was perfect, would provide cover and she climbed into the big thing, crouching down to make a smaller target. She shifted the clips inside the large vest so they weren\ digging into her br**sts and gripped the guns in both hands. Her gaze darted back and forth from the window to the door.

The window was big enough for a person to come through and the open doorway to the bedroom would allow her to keep track of what was going on in the rest of the house. Of course the screaming alarm grated on her nerves. It was muted somewhat in the back of the house but she wished for a com link to Justice. It was a mental ’’to buy in the future’’ on her list of things to do.

The alarm cut off and only eerie silence remained. She hoped that was a good thing.

Maybe the males had fled when they realized security would hear it and come rushing to Justice\s aid. They sure came when he roared so sirens would definitely bring them running.

Time ticked by and not knowing drove her a little insane. She bit her lip, stood and stepped over the edge of tub. She wanted a view outside, a chance to see if anything was going on and hesitantly approached the window. She shoved one gun between her thighs, listened to make sure nothing moved on the other side and felt for the lock. She pushed it down and slid the glass open along the track, breathing in fresh air. Her hand gripped the second gun again, lifted it and felt safe with the weight of both resting against her palms.

Nothing moved in the dark backyard or near the outline of the pool, where the dim glow of lights at the bottom of it provided some sight. She backed away. Her gaze turned to the doorway to make sure nothing crept up on her. She heard a soft thump and her focus jerked back to the open window in time to spot a large figure rush from one side of the yard toward her.

Maybe it\s security but what if it\s not? Fear had her backing away from the window and hurrying back to the tub where she stepped in and crouched. She aimed the guns at the backyard, held her breath and her heart raced.

A shadow darkened a corner of the window. They sniffed loudly and growled. It was a soft, vicious noise and assured her it wasn\ anyone happy to catch her scent. A Species male would smell her since she\d stood there. Her fingers tightened on the triggers while she waited for him to make a move.

Justice heard the faint sound of a footstep on tile and it gave away the location of one male. He was near the end of the hallway that led to the bedrooms. The approaching intruder wore shoes that squeaked, new ones did that sometimes when the soles weren\ broken in and it clued him to the fact that these males weren\ well trained. None of his officers would make that mistake. They were too skilled in stealth to make noise.

He wondered if he\d made a mistake, judging them to be Species, but no humans could move the way he\d seen the males outside walking. Their grace and fluidness was too animalistic, whereas human men were stiffer and stepped heavier. It confused him since all his males had to undergo training yet these weren\ skilled. He leaned against the bedroom wall next to the open door to the hallway. He didn\ want to go far from Jessie. The position allowed him to protect the bedroom windows and the entrance from the hall. He glanced at the bathroom door to be assured she was safe so far.

Another sound caught his ear, one he identified as a window sliding open. He gritted his teeth after determining it had come from the bathroom where Jessie hid but gunfire didn\ pierce the quiet house. Jessie would have shot anyone trying to breach the house through the smaller room. It must have been another window and he\d misjudged the direction.

He heard another slight sound, wood scraped plaster, and he realized the intruder moved down the hallway closer to the bedroom. A table sat eight feet from his bedroom. He\d obviously bumped into it, once again betraying his lack of training.

Rage gripped him as he inhaled, picking up the distinctive Species scent. They were his males coming after his mate. The five males were obviously willing to kill him to get to Jessie. They had to know he would die to protect her from harm.

He picked up the stench of sweat, grease and something metallic. His fingers arced into claws. The Species male had brought a gun or knife to the fight, weapons to be used against Jessie. He sprang from his hiding spot into the hallway. A roar tore from his throat as he grabbed the male, lifted him and slammed the heavy body into the wall.

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