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Jessie held his gaze. ’’Look up civil war, Tiger.’’

He frowned.

’’It\s something that has happened a lot. Do you want to know the worst part about history? It repeats itself usually. I\m not giving up the gun and I\m not leaving Justice unless I have to use the bathroom. You can guard him then.’’

’’I know what a civil war is but it won\ happen with Species. Those five males who attacked were too new to freedom and didn\ understand how things are on the outside.

This will never happen again.’’

’’What about the others from that testing facility? You don\ know if they\ll be a danger to Justice for sure. You weren\ subjected to the Mercile staff that made them so hateful of anyone not Species and have no idea what went down inside there. They haven\ been freed long enough to know that all humans aren\ like the ones they lived with all of their lives. I\m the enemy to them and they accused Justice of betraying them because he claimed me.’’

The Medical Center door opened and Jessie tensed. Ellie and her husband Fury came in and approached her.

’’Stop,’’ Tiger ordered them. ’’She\s sworn to kill anyone who comes within ten feet of Justice\s door.’’ Tiger glanced at Jessie. ’’Can they come to you? Ellie is human and Fury is one of Justice\s most trusted friends too.’’

Ellie paled. ’’Jessie? It\s okay. We heard what happened. We\d turned the phone off last night and slept late.’’

’’I trust you.’’ She studied Fury. ’’You too since you\ e with her.’’

Ellie\s gaze widened at the sight of the gun in Jessie\s hand. She bit her lip and inched closer. ’’Are you all right?’’

Jessie shook her head.

Ellie lifted her hand and held out a travel mug. ’’I have some coffee. Why don\ you drink it? You look as if you could use something warm.’’

Jessie hesitated but lifted her hand. ’’Thank you. I\m thirsty.’’

’’She wouldn\ take anything to drink or eat from us,’’ Tiger said softly. ’’She\s afraid we\ll drug her.’’

Ellie passed the mug over. ’’They wouldn\ do that to you. We\ e all on your side.

What happened to you and Justice is horrifying. It was a few crazy males who didn\ realize how stupid they were being. You know how that is. There\s a few of them with every group.’’

’’Thanks.’’ Jessie sipped the coffee. ’’I know that but I\m not willing to risk Justice\s life. This is my fault and I won\ chance being wrong a second time. He didn\ want anyone to know about us but I thought he was making too big a deal over it.’’ She fought more tears. ’’He was right.’’

’’No,’’ Ellie shook her head. ’’You two love each other and no one gives a damn here that I\m full-on human. No one treats me badly, Jessie. They have accepted me with open arms. It was a few bad apples who created this mess. I\d kill and die to protect Fury. I understand why you\ e so scared though and why you have a gun.’’ Her gaze flickered to it. ’’Will you please put it down while I talk to you? Just set it next to you?

Those things terrify me.’’

Jessie placed it down on the desk next to her thigh. ’’I\m sorry.’’

’’It\s okay. Are you hungry? I could go home and fix you breakfast. I could bring you back more coffee.’’

’’I would appreciate that but you make it. I should eat to keep up my strength.’’

Ellie nodded. ’’Okay, Jessie. Drink that and I\ll get you more. I only have the one mug with a lid. What do you want to eat?’’

Jessie drank the rest of the coffee and handed the cup back. ’’Anything easy. It doesn\ matter. I don\ want...’’

Jessie tried to clear the spots that appeared before her eyes. She swallowed, her lips feeling numb and her tongue heavy. She tried to reach up to feel her mouth but her arms refused to lift. The meaning of her symptoms sank in but it was too late. Her eyes widened with shock as she stared at Ellie.

’’You drugged me.’’

Ellie stepped back. ’’I\m sorry but you\ e in shock and wouldn\ listen to reason.

You and Justice are both safe. Just...’’

Tiger caught Jessie as her body slumped. He grabbed the gun and handed it to Fury. He lifted her into the cradle of his arms, sat on the desk and held her against his chest.

’’Thank you, Ellie. I know it was a lot to ask but I thought if she\d take food or drink from anyone, it would be you because you are human and you love a Species. She knows you can relate to her situation.’’

’’I feel like shit,’’ Ellie admitted. ’’Did she really kill four of them?’’

Tiger nodded. ’’The son of a bitch leading them used a knife and stabbed Justice with it. When I came in she stood over Justice to protect him with two guns in her hands. She nearly shot us. The remaining son of a bitch decided to make a last-ditch effort to try to kill her or Justice when he threw himself through the slider door. She reacted before any of us could and sank five bullets into the bastard before he plowed into her. He was dead before he ever knew what hit him.’’

’’Jessie is afraid she started a civil war,’’ Halfpint informed them.

Ellie spun. ’’She said that?’’

Tiny bit her lip. ’’What is it?’’

’’Not something that will ever happen here,’’ Fury growled. ’’It\s where members of the same group of people turn on each other and fight to the death. It is when one splits into two and fight for dominance.’’

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