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’’The experiments he\s doing. He said he was trying to develop synthetic wolf blood to feed me. He didn\ give a damn about feeding me at all, so what is he really trying to do? I think he\s trying to develop the blood in the hopes of creating a change, then withdrawing the blood to make feral creatures. He probably heard the stories about Nicky from the human workers. It would have intrigued him. He doesn\ know it takes a combination of the bite, the knot, the sperm, and the blood for a complete transformation. All he knows about is the blood. Think about it. How much support would you get from the local communities if monsters started attacking their people? Not to mention the fact ferals would make quite a fighting force against the wolves.’’

’’Damn it, Logan,’’ Casey grumbled. ’’If you\ e right all he has to do is capture our mates and starve them.’’

’’Or capture a wolf and torture him until he agrees to bite humans to turn them. Then my father can withhold the blood.’’

’’Which he\ll probably concentrate on doing once he fails to create one synthetically,’’ Logan said.’’I think that\s what Dawson was setting up for when we intercepted him in the woods a place to hide out near the lodge so they could kidnap pets or lone wolves.That\s why your wolves need to be on high alert, make sure none of you travel alone, and your Werekin need selfdefense training.’’ He gulped.knowing how the next would be taken. ’’And combat training.’’

Complaints, denials, and refusals filled the room until Marco stood. Nicky walked over to stand beside him. Marco stood and raised a hand for order.’’We all need time to consider what\s been said. We\ll meet again tomorrow.’’

He turned to Logan. ’’Thank you.’’ Ian stood, his arms going around Logan. Marco smiled at Logan. ’’And thank you, Ian, for managing to bring this man into our clan to make him a true Werekin.’’

Ian planted a breathtaking kiss on Logan, one he fully returned. Logan was through being embarrassed by his love for Ian.

’’You don\ mind me kissing you like this in front of everyone anymore, baby?’’ Ian asked.

Logan shook his head.’’No, not anymore.’’

’’Good,’’ Ian said gruffly. ’’It\s about damned time.’’


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