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He raised his head to stare at her, wondering how she\d known.

She grinned. ’’It\s your nature. I only want you to love me and be exactly who you are. Things will work out. We have each other to always lean on, regardless of anything we face. We\ll do it together.’’

’’I love you.’’ He wanted her to know how much.

’’I love you too. You can\ get rid of me.’’ She glanced down between their bodies. ’’I\m practically glued to you.’’ She met his gaze. ’’You make me happy. That\s never going to change and we\ e going to have a long lifetime to spend together. Don\ worry about the small stuff.’’

His kon*** flexed inside her. ’’All I\m thinking about now are the larger things.’’

She laughed. ’’I feel.’’ Her thighs tightened around him.

’’Trisha said I must feed you.’’

’’Not now. Kiss me instead.’’

He pushed away all thoughts and focused on her. His mood lightened. ’’Where?’’

She laughed, the sound reminding him of the blessings in his life he\d been given. ’’Anywhere you want to, mate.’’

’’My pleasure.’’ His tongue traced the shell of her ear.


’’Yes, sweetness?’’

’’Growl for me. Don\ hold back. Have I even mentioned how much it turns me on?’’

The low rumble started in his chest. ’’Like this?’’

Her fingernails dug into his skin. ’’Yes.’’

’’I howl too.’’

’’Mmmmm.’’ She turned her face into his neck, lightly nipping him. ’’Show me.’’

’’Anything for my mate.’’ He trailed his mouth lower and paused, pulling away. ’’I\ll try to avoid biting you. I\m sorry for the scar.’’

She smiled. ’’You\ e upset you hurt me but you\ e not really sorry that you marked me. It\s proof that I belong to you, right? I get it.’’ She licked her lips. ’’You can do it all you want. Just try to avoid drawing blood though. Love bites are se*y and I enjoy it when you nip me during se*. It makes me so hot.’’

He couldn\ miss the sincerity of her words. ’’You could mark me and I don\ mind if you draw blood. I love when you dig your nails into my back.’’

’’Then stop talking and do something to encourage me.’’ She arched under him. ’’You might have learned patience but I\m horrible at it. My pain medication is still working. I want you.’’

’’You\ve got me, sweetness.’’

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