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Holding onto Elijah, my body relaxed as I let go of my sorrow, my pain, and my dad. Elijah held me tenderly until I was ready to be released. Wiping my tears, he gazed into my eyes. ’’Doesn\ that feel much better?’’

’’Yes,’’ I nodded. And it did. I felt a little bit free, like a brick had been lifted off me.

’’You ready to go?’’

’’Yes,’’ I said, glancing at the headstone.

’’We\ll come back, Alex. Anytime you want to come back, I\ll come with you.’’

’’Thank you.’’ I snuggled to him. ’’I must have done something good to have you in my life.’’

’’You were just being you. That\s all. Plain and simple.’’ Elijah changed the subject. ’’Hey Alex, you see the rainbow and the sun peeking out of the clouds?’’

I glanced in the direction he pointed. Nodding my head, I was rendered speechless. The colorful arch was a mesmerizing site, gracing the Earth with its presence. It was a reminder that even after a heavy storm, there was hope and beauty in life. Seeing the rainbow reminded me that there was something great out there...something powerful, something beyond our control. Next thing I knew, I was being lifted off the ground.

’’Elijah, put me down.’’ I lightly spanked his ass.

’’I\m taking you out of here. Sorry, Mr. Weis. Time for me to take care of your daughter.’’

’’Where are we going?’’ I asked, watching my dad\s headstone get smaller in the distance.

’’We\ e riding off into the sunset Freckles, just like Danny and Sandy. I\m going to make your dreams come true.’’

What could I say after that? My heart was filled with his words, his love, and his devotion. I would return them back to him just the same, if not more. I loved Elijah with all my heart. Though I didn\ think it was possible to love him even more, he continued to show me that there was no limit to that love. It grows every day, with every new experience, with every new hopes and dreams. Sometimes the broken road does get fixed. It just needs time to mend...just like broken hearts.


Five years later



I love my wife to the moon and back.

That is all I have to say today.


’’Thank you, Babe. You make the best breakfast burrito. You don\ have to wake up to fix me one, you know.’’ My fingers softly tugged under her jaw. Inhaling the scent from her lotion, I kissed her on the lips. She always smelled divine, like she just stepped out of a floral garden.

Alex started to rub her tummy. ’’I had to wake up anyway. I\ve been so hungry lately.’’

’’Well, of course you are. Our babies are growing.’’ I bent down, placed a hand on her as if I could touch them, and kissed her belly. Feeling a push on the palm of my hand, I took in the moment. ’’You want to come out, don\ you?’’ I said. ’’I can\ wait for you and your sister.’’

’’Hey.’’ Alex tugged my tie, forcing me to stand up. ’’Maybe the one that kicked you is Elizabeth and not Evan. Don\ underestimate the strength of a woman.’’

I chuckled, embracing Alex in my arms. ’’You\ e so right. I have one right here to prove that theory.’’

’’Don\ you forget it,’’ she said with a sassy attitude. ’’Just three more months until we get to hold our twins in our arms, or maybe sooner. I already feel like I\m going to explode.’’

’’I can\ wait,’’ I said. ’’But right now, I better get to work. What are you going to do while I\m gone?’’

’’The painter is coming back today to do the touch-ups on the sun, stars, and moon in the nursery.’’

’’Okay,’’ I nodded. Please be careful when you go up and down the stairs.’’

Holding Alex\s hand, I led her to the garage. Glancing around, I looked at our amazing house. We had moved into an over-priced, two-story house in a gated community, but with a stockbroker\s salary, it was within our budget. I wanted to give Alex the best things in life, even if it meant I had to work like a dog. I would do it for her, for our children, for my family.

’’By the way, Lexy, Emma, Seth, Dean, Jimmy and his wife will be coming over this weekend,’’ Alex said, rubbing her hand on my arm, over the area of the dragon tattoo.

Hand over hand, I held hers tenderly and kissed every knuckle. ’’Have a good day, Freckles. I\ll call you later to check up on you.’’

’’Drive carefully. I\ll be waiting for your call, Mr. Cooper.’’

’’I will, Mrs. Cooper. Oh, before I forget. I\ll be a little late tonight. I\d like to swing by the hospital to check on the wing our company donated in Evan\s name, to make sure they\ e on schedule.’’

’’Okay,’’ Alex nodded.

Alex leaned against the door, watching me while I headed to my car. Upon opening the garage, I glanced over at my collection of motorcycles parked next to my car, then covered my eyes from the light. The sun shone brightly and the sky was covered with the fluffiest clouds. I took a deep breath and thanked the heavens for the life I had today. Never would I have imagined myself to be in this moment. Never would I have imagined finding someone like Alex, who loved me as much as I loved her.

Life presents you with many roads, but two remain constant. You\ e born, and when it\s your turn, you die. The other roads are presented along the way, and which ones you decide to take is up to you. Sometimes, you don\ get to decide and the roads take a turn for the worse. I was one of the lucky ones. My broken road led me to Alex and the life I have today, and I don\ regret a thing not a single thing.

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