Nights Touch Epilogue

Two years later

Cara sat in front of the fireplace, watching her sons roll around on the floor like two feisty puppies. Much had happened since the night of the fire. Vince had disposed of Anton's body. The insurance company had been reluctant to pay her parents'claim since they could find no cause for the fire but, in the end, they had come through.

Her father had razed what was left of the house and her parents had moved in with her and Vince until they had found a new home.

She often found herself watching her boys, looking for signs that they had inherited a lust for blood from their father, but as near as she could tell, they were just normal kids. She held her breath each time she took them to the doctor, fearing their pediatrician would find something wrong, but thus far, he had found nothing out of the ordinary.

Now, watching her sons play, she found herself yearning for another baby. Because they didn't know if she could get pregnant again or not, they had been using a contraceptive.

But not tonight, she thought.

She put the boys to bed early, showered, and shaved her legs.

When Vince came home from work, she met him at the door wearing a smile and a whisper of black silk.

He whistled softly, then swung her into his arms and carried her up the stairs where he fulfilled her every desire.

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