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When you can not trust, who can believe? Everything about Ana's life is a secret. His father works in the branch under the command of his last project: supervision and administration of the treatments to the four boys altered genetically in the laboratory under his house. It's not Nick, Cas, Trev. . . And Sam, who stole Anne's heart. When the group decides it is time to take the children, Sam makes an escape, killing the agents sent to retrieve them. Anna is debating whether Sam is going through or gets into the security of her daily life. But his father urges him to flee, so that Sam promised to keep her away from the branch, at all costs. There is only one problem. Sam and the children do not remember anything before living in the laboratory, but their true identity. Now in the race, Anna soon discovers that she and Sam are connected in more ways than one would expect. But if they want to survive, they have to gather evidence of their past before the branch takes them and steal everything.

Series : Altered #1

Genre : Young Adult , Science Fiction ,

Author : Jennifer Rush

Status : Ongoing

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