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Ellie is horrible discovering the pharmaceutical company that works to make illegal experiments. The company's scientists have combined human and animal DNA, creating new exotic species. A '' experiment '' captures her heart and will do everything in her power to save him, even though she hates him for it. The Fury has never known love or compassion. He spent his life in a cell, chained and abused by humans. The only woman who was left to trust him betrays. Now that it is free and it was sold. He promises to end his life, but when at last in his hands, damaging is the last thing the little human wants to do attractive. Fury can not resist Ellie and Mash, the feel of her hands, her mouth on her skin, her body wrapped around him. And 'he chased by the smell of his wife. And Ellie wants Furia & mdash; He always has. He wants his body big and powerful and wants to heal his heart desolate. But love rage is one thing ... the meek is another.

Series : New Species #1

Genre : Fantasy , Romance ,

Author : Laurann Dohner

Status : Ongoing

3 Latest Chapter Fury( New Species #1)

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