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The Enemy (Jack Reacher # 8) Jack Reacher. Hero. Lonely. Soldier. The son of a soldier. An elite military police officer, he was one of the army's brightest stars. But in the life of the police is a turning point. A case. A complicated and tangled case that can break a career. Turn a lawyer into a renegade. And ask questions, words like honor, duty and courage. For Jack Reacher, this is the case. Year of the New Year, 1990. The Berlin Wall collapses. The world is changing. And in a motel "hot" North Carolina technique, a two stars in general is found dead. His briefcase has disappeared. No one knows what was there. In a matter of minutes Jack Reacher has his orders: to control the situation. But this situation can not be controlled. In the hordes general's wife was killed hundreds of miles away. Then the dominoes really begin to fall. Two special soldiers soldiers, the hardest of the disk and mdash; They withdraw, one at a time. The main military commanders move from one place to another in a strange game of chess. And somewhere in the vast fortress around the world that is the United States Army, Jack Reacher & mdash; A routinely inch-large researcher for the Special Unit and mdash; He established himself as a boy with the flaccidity of the worst enemies a man can have. But Reacher will not stop. He is fighting a new war. He is bringing with him a young woman lieutenant in a deadly pursuit that takes them from the rough edges of a rural army, the sinuous streets of Paris for a confrontation with an enemy he did not know. With his mother of French origin who died in Mama and reveal to his son a last extraordinary secret and Reacher is forced to question everything he once believed ... about his family, his career, his loyalty and others. For the son of this soldier is about to enter the darkness, where he finds a drama entangled with desperate desires and violent and a death conspiracy more fresh, witty and insignificant than anyone could have imagined.

Series : Jack Reacher #8

Genre : Thriller , Mystery ,

Author : Lee Child

Status : Ongoing

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