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Sweat slicked their bodies as passion burned them up until she climaxed, his number on her lips. He didn\ care that she sometimes fell into old habits and forgot to use his name. She could call him anything she wanted since he was hers and she was his. He drove into her one last time, her vaaa**l muscles milking him as his seed erupted and filled her.

He howled and threw them both onto their sides so he didn\ crush her small body with his own. He curled around her tightly while he came down from the high of making love to his mate.

He lifted his head and put his cheek next to hers. He pulled his fingers away from her oversensitive clit and placed his hand on her stomach. ’’I might not get you pregnant with the first attempt, but I\m going to really enjoy trying.’’

She chuckled and her hands gripped his arms where they encircled her. ’’Me too.’’

’’I won\ miss the condoms. It\s so much better without them.’’

’’I agree. You feel even better. I didn\ think that was possible.’’

He closed his eyes, just holding her as they caught their breaths. ’’Anything is possible, my Candi.’’

’’Yes, it is, my pup.’’

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