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’’That\s not what I meant, but those are valid points. I\m talking about se*.’’

’’We\ e larger and have more stamina.’’

Darkness chuckled. ’’Do you know what a vibrator is? A human se* toy?’’

Mourn shook his head. ’’No.’’

’’You haven\ watched human p*****?’’

’’No.’’ He scowled. ’’I had no interest in human se*.’’

’’Good. You\ e already ahead of a lot of our males who\ve seen that garbage. It\s a bad representation of what human males fantasize about, rather than the females. A lot of females find it offensive. Go down on her and purr. Don\ hold back. They love the vibrations from our tongues. Human men can\ do that without toys. Just be aware that they try to slam their thighs closed. They aren\ used to that much sensation. It\s overpowering for them, but pin her thighs open and keep going until she climaxes. Her male couldn\ do that.’’

’’They like to be licked?’’

’’Licked, sucked, and then mounted. Have her face you.’’ He paused. ’’Just enter her slowly at first. They are damn tight because most human males aren\ our size.’’

Mourn\s kon*** stirred just thinking about it. It had been a long time since he\d shared se*. Dana had a nice backside. Her hands were soft. He could adjust to their differences. ’’How do I get her to agree to share se* with me?’’

Darkness straightened and dropped his arms to his sides. ’’They appreciate our bodies. We\ e fit. Kat swears we have muscles that make females very aware of us.’’ He reached down, gripped the hem of his shirt and yanked it up to just under his nipples. He tightened his stomach and pointed. ’’Those especially. Kat enjoys running her hands across my abs.’’

’’I just flash her my stomach? That sounds easy.’’

’’It\s a little more complicated than that. Do you know how you approach our females for sharing se*?’’

’’Be blunt, tell them what we want and show our strength.’’

’’Forget that. Don\ tell her you\d like to bend her over in front of you. Humans don\ usually respond well to that much honesty.’’ Darkness paused, obviously thinking. ’’Are you meeting her tomorrow night?’’


’’I have a plan.’’

’’What is it?’’

Darkness smiled.

Chapter Four

Dana closed the slider and stepped out onto the patio, glancing around, looking for Mourn. He immediately advanced from the shadows beneath a tree. She smiled, walking right up to the wall that separated them. He reached for her waist and lifted, placing her down on the other side.

He smiled back, reminding her how handsome was. His mood seemed cheerful too. ’’What did you do today?’’

’’I hung out with Becky. She wanted me to watch a bunch of girl movies with her.’’

’’That sounds interesting.’’

’’They were romances.’’ Dana cringed. ’’Those aren\ my favorite kind of films, but it made Becky happy. I liked a few of the storylines that were funny.’’

He bent and she expected it when he lifted her into his arms. She didn\ protest or point out that she\d worn shoes and could walk on her own. When he entered the park, she asked, ’’Are we going back to the shed?’’

’’No. I thought we\d go back to the tree. I did put a cushion on the bench for next time.’’

’’That was so thoughtful.’’

He stopped and bent, setting her on the lowest branch. He crouched. ’’We could go there if you wish. I just thought it was such a nice night. Did you notice the almost-full moon?’’ He pointed up at the sky.

’’It is beautiful. I love how clearly you can see the sky here at Homeland. I live in a pretty well-lit area so I don\ get to see as many stars.’’

He chuckled. ’’Homeland is great, but there aren\ a lot of places we can go. I live in the men\s dorm. You are staying at Paul\s. It\s hard for us to find privacy.’’

’’That\s okay. I\m just glad we can talk every night.’’

’’Me too. It gives me something to look forward to.’’

She\d grown to look forward to it too, and would have been disappointed if he hadn\ shown up. A slight click sounded and she turned her head, looking for the source. The sprinklers suddenly came on. She gasped as cold water doused her. Mourn shot to his feet and bent, scooping her into his arms.

It didn\ keep her from getting wet. He had to be getting soaked too. She tucked her head against his shoulder and hugged him around his neck as he carried her away.

’’Hang on,’’ he urged.

So much for our talk. He\d have to take her home so she could change clothes. He stopped and freed one arm and then tilted her in his hold. She lifted her head when she heard the sound of a door close, and the sprinkler noise died down. It was pitch dark until he shifted, probably using his elbow to hit the switch for the light. She peered around. They were in the shed.

’’Are you okay?’’

She laughed. ’’Yes. Did they change the timer? I hear them come on from my room, but it\s usually right before dawn.’’

He put her down and stepped back. His jeans were plastered to his legs. ’’Someone must have changed the timer setting. You\ e wet.’’

’’So are you.’’ She noticed his forehead. ’’You do heal fast.’’ He just had a slight bruise there and the cut was almost entirely gone.

He stepped around her and reached up onto a top shelf along a wall that held sports equipment. He faced her. ’’I\ll close my eyes. Strip and put this around you.’’

Dana studied the silky material. It had a wolf head printed on it. Her gaze shifted to Mourn. ’’Is that a flag?’’

’’Yes. There are more. I\ll wrap one around my waist. I want to talk to you.’’

’’You could just take me back to Paul\s. We could go inside and I could use the dryer for our clothes.’’

’’Your brother won\ welcome me inside his home.’’

’’He\s sleeping.’’

’’I\d rather not risk it. You\ e safe here. I\d never hurt you.’’

The serious look in his eyes made her feel safe. Mourn wasn\ like other men. Not only was he grieving the loss of the woman he loved, he\d never made her feel uncomfortable. ’’Turn around.’’

He spun. She bent and tugged off her canvas slip-ons and just tossed them into the corner. She removed her leggings and T-shirt. Her bra and panties were only slightly damp. She debated, but removed them too. The flag was larger than she\d suspected when she unfolded it and wrapped it, toga style, around her middle.

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