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’’I entered each building to see if everyone was all right. I was on duty for four hours to test how I\d work out. No one complained so Fury said I could do it again tomorrow. My shift starts at noon.’’

’’That\s great.’’ She wasn\ sure where to put her hands so she rested them on her lap. ’’How do you feel?’’

’’Really good.’’ His arms tightened around her and he sat back on the bench, taking her with him so she leaned more closely against him.

She couldn\ disagree. He did feel really good. Warm, soft in all the right places, but that\s when something hard pressed against the back of her thighs. It took her a second to realize what it was, and she gasped.

’’Don\ be alarmed. It\s a physical response.’’

He had a hard-on. There was no missing that with it pressed against the underside of her legs between her ass and knees, where she sat across his lap. Her breathing speeded up and she tried to slow it down. Fear wasn\ the cause. She didn\ think he was going to do anything bad to her.

’’Dana? Are you okay?’’

She nodded mutely.

’’Look at me.’’ He leaned his head away from hers.

Dana hesitated, but worked up her courage. It was slightly embarrassing to know they were both aware of his physical state. She lifted her chin and stared into his eyes.

’’I\d never harm you,’’ he swore, and sincerity shone from those striking eyes. ’’Please don\ fear me.’’

’’I should probably get off your lap. I guess this was a bad idea, huh?’’ She blushed. ’’I, wow, this is awkward.’’

He didn\ open his arms. She wasn\ sure what to say. ’’Is it?’’

’’I like holding you. I enjoy the way you feel in my arms and how you smell.’’ He had no difficulty finding words.

Dana swallowed hard, keeping eye contact. ’’Paul told me to ditch the perfume and cosmetics. He gave me bathing stuff so I won\ make New Species sneeze while I\m here. It\s probably the new shampoo and conditioner I\m using. This isn\ appropriate.’’ That was a good way to put it.

’’Human laws don\ apply to me.’’

’’It\s not a law. It\s just that...’’ She faltered when he leaned in closer and sniffed at her. A low purring sound came from his chest, and it caused small vibrations against her arm where she leaned into him.

’’It\s just that what?’’

He expected an answer but all she could do was stare into his eyes. ’’I should get up,’’ she finally blurted.

He still didn\ open his arms. ’’Why? I like you here. Are you uncomfortable?’’

He was actually cozy to sit on. He was big, warm, and he held her gently. It was just that the feel of his erection pressed against the back of her thighs beneath the thin material of the flags wasn\ something she could ignore.

’’I\m male. I react to you. It doesn\ mean I\m going to strip you bare and expect you to share se* with me.’’

Her breathing picked up speed and her heart pounded. The image of him doing that left her reeling. She wasn\ certain how to feel about it. Her gaze lowered to his chest and then to his broad shoulders. He was strong enough to do anything he wanted to her but she didn\ fear him. She looked up and studied his eyes. They drew her in, so unique and gorgeous. She\d never seen anything like them before and the novelty wasn\ wearing off. She could stare into them for an endless amount of time.

’’We like to talk. Tell me what you are thinking.’’

’’You feel really big.’’ She regretted the blurted words, and heat flamed her cheeks. She ducked her head and lifted one hand, covering her eyes. ’’Sorry. I didn\ mean to say that. It was the first thing that popped into my head.’’

He chuckled. ’’I am big. See? We\ e talking and being honest. I like this. Why are you blushing? It is appealing.’’

Dana peeked back at him. He watched her with a slight smile on his face. His amusement was easy to identify. ’’You\ e enjoying this.’’

’’A little.’’ He shrugged. ’’I will let you go if you really want me to, but I\d like to keep holding you. It feels nice.’’

It did. If she could just ignore that it wasn\ his thigh pressed against the back of hers. ’’It does,’’ she admitted.

’’I wouldn\ know how to convince you to share se* with me. You\ e not Species.’’ He frowned and glanced down at the top of where the flag was tucked around her breasts. ’’The last thing I\d want is to make you fear me. Humans are vastly different.’’

’’Are we?’’ She wanted to steer the subject away from se*. He was too good-looking and it had been a long time since she\d felt an honest attraction to a man. She was very aware of Mourn.

’’Yes. Species females are aggressive. They would grab me and rub up against my body. They don\ blush or shy away from me the way you do.’’

’’Does that happen often? You know, women going after you?’’ She didn\ like the little seed of jealousy it spawned.

’’Sometimes. They pity me.’’

’’But you haven\ , um, gone through with it?’’

’’You\ e the first female who has made me hard. I haven\ shared se* with anyone except my mate.’’

He\d told her that before, but she didn\ know what he did while he was away from her. Things might have changed. ’’Oh.’’

’’It confuses me,’’ he confessed, his voice dropping to a mere whisper. ’’I like you.’’

’’I like you too, Mourn.’’

He stared at her. ’’Do I affect you?’’ He leaned back a little and looked lower, between their bodies. His body tensed. ’’Do you like how I look?’’

Dana couldn\ help but gawk a little. Every muscle in his abs showed. He had the kind of washboard stomach that tempted her to reach out and explore it with her hands. She resisted. ’’You\ e shape.’’ That was a safe way to put it.

’’Is that good? Does my size threaten you?’’

It was difficult to tear her attention away from his abdomen but she managed, looking up at his face again. ’’You don\ scare me, if that\s what you mean.’’

’’Good. That is the last thing I want. You didn\ answer my question. Do I affect you?’’

Dana stumbled for an answer.

’’It\s okay.’’ He closed his eyes and turned his head away. ’’I didn\ think you would be attracted to me, but I needed to ask. We\ e too different.’’

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