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She lifted her gaze to lock with his. Dana remained mute, still looking stunned. It was a possibility that he had been too direct, but he saw no fear. That was the most important part.

’’You can trust me, Dana. What will convince you?’’

’’I...’’ She swallowed. ’’This is a bad idea. You\ e not thinking straight.’’ Once she began to speak, it was as if she couldn\ stop as words poured out. ’’You\ll hate me, and come to believe I took advantage of you when you were vulnerable. I couldn\ stand for you to think that I ’’

He snarled in frustration. He regretted it when she jerked under him, and her nails dug into his skin. She stopped speaking. He still didn\ see any fear in her expression, but he knew it could turn that way fast if he didn\ control his reactions. She wasn\ used to Species, and didn\ understand that she wasn\ in any danger. That was something she\d learn by spending time with him.

He softened his voice to soothe her. ’’Don\ tell me what I\d think. I\ll tell you where my thoughts are. I want you, Dana. You\ e the only female who has stirred my body and my interest. It isn\ because you remind me of 139. Listen to me well and hear my words. You are nothing like her. It is part of the reason I am intensely attracted to you. I have never spoken to anyone with the ease that I do with you. I didn\ have a choice when I was given 139 as a mate, but I\m choosing you. You told me to let go of the pain and try to live. That\s what I\m doing right now if you will allow it. Say yes. Bend up your knees and spread them apart.’’ He sat up a little and gave her room to move. She had to release his arms when he did it.

’’You\ e confused about what you want. I\m the first person you\ve spoken to.’’

He scowled.

’’It\s true. Remember when I told you about how some people in the group turned to se* to try to deal with their grief? I think this is a classic case right here. You can\ just make a long-term commitment to someone who is virtually a stranger. We barely know each other. I can\ be your mate.’’

Perhaps the term frightened her and made her leery. He really needed to learn more about her kind. She was nothing like a bad human. He\d been certain his biggest obstacle would be his fangs or his size. Instead it seemed that she worried about long-term commitment, and that he\d come to regret offering to spend the rest of his life with her.

’’Take one day at a time. That\s what you said. Today...’’ He glanced down at her body, mostly interested in shoving the material out of his way to bare her pussy. ’’We will focus on pleasure. You are attracted to me. We will start with that. I won\ push you for more, but I\m not going to change my mind. I want you as my mate. I\ll show you how much I mean that if you\ll spread your thighs and let me lick you.’’

She seemed mute again, just lay there staring at him.

He carefully wrapped his fingers around her thighs. ’’You talk about living and encouraging me to do it.’’ He used his thumbs to stroke her skin. ’’Let me. You also said those humans felt empty having se*. I won\ allow that to happen to you. I\ll stay inside you afterward, and all you will feel is me.’’

Her features grew flushed and she bit down on her bottom lip. ’’Mourn...that\s not exactly the kind of empty I was talking about.’’

’’I know, but you can\ feel alone if I\m inside you and holding you.’’ He paused, watching her closely. ’’How long has it been since you\ve been touched?’’

She hesitated. ’’Too long.’’

He gently applied pressure to her inner thighs. She didn\ resist when he parted them. He bent her leg up and adjusted it behind his back. He scooted down the bench at the same time. ’’You\ll like this. Trust me.’’

She didn\ protest when he lowered his gaze, taking in the sight of her pussy. It fascinated him. She wasn\ completely hairless there. A small strip of short hair covered her mound. He rested her bent leg against the wall and reached out, stroking his thumb over that strip.

Dana sucked in air, but didn\ try to slam her legs closed. He inhaled her scent. She was slightly aroused and he wanted to find out if she tasted as sweet as she smelled. He lowered his face, released her other thigh, and parted her vaaa**l lips to get a better look at her. She was pink and small. He wanted to snarl. It was possible he would accidentally hurt her when he mounted her.

Females stretch. He\d never taken a class about se* with humans, but he\d heard some of the males talk about what they\d learned in the community rooms at the dorm. He knew it was possible since some males had taken humans as mates. He\d figure it out. He needed to prepare her to share se* first though.

’’Relax,’’ he coaxed, moving in closer, fixing his attention on her clit. Excitement coursed through him when she didn\ try to twist away as he put his mouth right on that pink flesh and lightly ran the tip of his tongue over it. His chest tightened and he took his own advice, relaxing. The vibrations started, and he didn\ hold back the desire to purr. He deepened them, knowing she\d enjoy the sensations.

’’Oh god,’’ Dana whispered.

She didn\ pull away so he licked at her, pressing his tongue against her more firmly, keeping it there as he rubbed up and down. One leg moved, and she pressed her thigh against his cheek. He shifted his arm, hooking her thigh, and pinning it up and to the side.

She started to move against him, her hips rocking. He had to pin her other leg, and press down on her lower stomach to keep her from moving too far away from his mouth. Darkness had warned him that humans tried to pull away from pleasure. He was intent on giving her a lot of it.

The scent of her arousal increased as he continued to lick and purr against her clit. The bud hardened under his tongue, and he knew she was close when her moans grew louder. She bucked her hips, almost unseating his mouth. He put more strength into holding her in place, careful not to hurt her, but wanting to keep her still. Her fingers suddenly dug into his hair at the back of his head, but she didn\ pull it. Her fingernails lightly raked his scalp, an encouragement since it felt good.

He snarled, his kon*** so hard it hurt. He wanted to be inside her. She had become soaked from arousal. It was tempting to slide his mouth lower and use his tongue to see how tight she\d be and get a better taste of her but he resisted the urge. He needed her to come first. Then he could enjoy that experience.

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