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Dana was going to die. Her back arched and she clawed at the top of the cushion above her head with one hand. Her other one held on to Mourn. His hair was silky, and she was tempted to fist the short strands and tear him away from her pussy. He was vibrating and licking her at the same time. Her bullet se* toy couldn\ do that. Nothing could, except Mourn.

It felt a bit surreal that she had allowed him to do that to her, but he\d managed to talk her into it. He\d been too se*y to resist, and she had to admit she\d been curious. Now she knew. He hadn\ lied about how good it would feel.

Every muscle in her body seemed tense, and despite him telling her to relax, she couldn\ . She tried to slam her legs closed, but he had a good grip on them, keeping them spread apart so he could torment her with his mouth. It was almost torture since nothing should ever feel that incredible. It almost hurt. She\d been worried it would be awkward to have someone touch her, but now even thinking was impossible. It was all about sensations and aching.

She forgot how to breathe when ecstasy slammed into her. She must have sucked in air though, because she realized she was crying out Mourn\s name. The climax was sharp, nearly brutal and all-consuming as it rolled through her. Her entire body quaked. She panted and her body went lax in the seconds following her release. Mourn pulled his mouth away, and she could feel his hot breath fanning her oversensitive clit.

She kept her eyes closed, unwilling to look at him, not even sure she could work up the nerve. He\d just gone down on her. It was slightly embarrassing to be that exposed to someone, especially since the only person who had ever known her that intimately was Tommy. She shoved back thoughts of him. No guilt. She hadn\ cheated. She was more concerned about what she\d say to Mourn, and if things would be uncomfortable between them now.

She jerked in surprise when his tongue pressed against the opening of her pussy and he breached it. He had a thick tongue. He snarled, the sound a little menacing, but she wasn\ afraid. He withdrew almost as fast as he\d entered her. His hold on her thighs and lower stomach eased and he adjusted her legs. It was easy to do since she felt boneless at that moment.

The bench she lay on creaked a little and the sound finally forced her to open her eyes. She lifted her head to stare at Mourn. He was focused on her lower half, his chin lowered, his gaze locked there as he sat up and scooted his hips closer. He released her thighs entirely and reached up, grabbing the edges of the bench on each side of her waist.

’’I\ll be gentle.’’ His voice came out unusually deep. He almost didn\ even sound human.

Dana knew what he planned to do. She shifted her legs, bending her knees more and lifting them up. Mourn looked at her then. His eyes were amazingly beautiful and she licked her dry lips. He paused and then surprised her by sliding off the bench. He moved to the end of it and knelt.

’’This will work better. I don\ want to crush you.’’

He surprised her when he leaned forward, shoved his hands under her ass, and gripped her. He pulled her and the cushion down the bench until her bottom was at the edge of it. Mourn released her ass and gripped her calves, lifting her legs until her feet were braced on the sides of his chest near his shoulders. He parted her thighs farther and inched closer.

Dana tried to relax. Mourn was going to f*k her. It was scary and exhilarating at the same time. It might be a huge mistake, but she wanted him. He rested one arm over her lower stomach, as if he wanted to pin her there, and reached between them with his other hand. It was tempting to lift her head and look at his cock, which he must have gripped with that hand. She didn\ though. She stared into his eyes.

Mourn brushed the crown of his cock against her clit. He rubbed it lower, using the tip to slide through her wet folds. He didn\ enter her right way, instead rubbed higher, teasing her clit. Dana grabbed hold of the sides of the bench, needing something to grasp. Her toes curled when he kept doing it. Her clit was still a little oversensitive but it felt amazing. She was really wet and so was he, from rubbing up against her.

He maneuvered his cock lower, and she felt it at the opening of her pussy. He froze there, but then lightly pressed against her. She spread her thighs a little more, adjusting her feet on his solid chest. She\d never had se* before with her legs up in that manner, but she\d never been with a New Species either.

The sensation of him entering her had her closing her eyes again. He was big and thick. It didn\ hurt though. The pressure was welcome, and it actually felt good when he drove deeper. He purred again, a deep, rumbling sound.

’’Am I hurting you?’’

She shook her head, unable to find words.

’’You\ e so tight.’’ He growled. ’’You feel perfect.’’

He moved slowly inside her. He was rock-hard. He increased the pace. She clawed at the bench. She\d missed se*, missed having a man inside her, bringing her pleasure. One of her feet slipped off his chest, but Mourn grabbed her ankle, held it in place.

’’F*k,’’ he snarled.

He drove into her deep, completely filling her, and bent forward, groaning. His body shook. Dana opened her eyes, watching his face as he came inside her. She could feel it. His semen was hot and his cock pulsed against her pussy walls, almost like a heartbeat. He shook again. His eyes were closed, lips parted to show off his fangs. His handsome features twisted into a harsh but se*y contortion that looked a little pained.

His expression quickly changed to a frown when he opened his eyes. They stared at each other.

’’I\m sorry.’’

’’For what?’’

’’You felt too good. I tried to hold back, but I came.’’

She lifted her foot off his chest and lowered it, hooking that leg around his hips. Her heel made contact with his bare ass cheek and she dug in, pulling him closer. She opened her arms to him. His apology made him even sweeter and more endearing. ’’It\s okay. Come here.’’

He released her ankle and lowered over her. She wrapped her arms around his neck. ’’It\s okay. I came first.’’ The aftermath of them having se* wasn\ uncomfortable, as she\d feared. She mostly wanted to assure him it was fine. She understood being over-excited and not lasting long. She\d been guilty of that too when he\d gone down on her. ’’You said you\d hold me.’’

He braced his elbows on the padding next to her ribs and lowered his chest until her breasts were smashed against him. His weight on her felt right. It put their faces inches apart. She liked having him against her, still inside her. They were linked. She hesitated but then reached up, brushing his hair with her fingers.

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