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She released his hand and reached down, placing a hand over her stomach. He watched her face, wondering what she was thinking. He didn\ have long to wait.

’’I\m not on anything.’’ She lifted her gaze, staring at him. ’’That means ’’

’’I know. I\m sorry if you\ e upset. I didn\ mean to put you at risk. I didn\ think about it until today when your brother accused me of trying to get you pregnant on purpose. That\s not true.’’

’’Paul what?’’

’’He sought me out today. I thought he wanted to start a fight, but he brought me condoms.’’

She frowned. ’’I\m sorry he did that.’’

’’No. I\m glad he did. I didn\ think about being able to get you pregnant. I was more worried that you\d be afraid of me, or that I\d do something wrong since you\ e human. I asked a male today how to use them, and he took me to the bar to teach me.’’

Her eyes widened. ’’What?’’

’’He got a banana from behind the bar and used it to show me how to put them on.’’

She surprised him by laughing. ’’I wish I could have seen that. How did it go?’’

’’Good. I think I can do it, despite not being shaped that way. I understood the concept. Why did you look so strange when I first said Jinx took me to the bar?’’

’’I thought you might have gone there to pick up a woman and have se* with her.’’

He growled. ’’You\ e the only female I want. Why would you think that?’’

’’Guys go to bars to pick up women to have se* with them.’’

’’I\m not a guy. The bar is for eating, dancing and socializing. I would never share se* with another female, Dana. Species don\ cheat.’’

’’I\m sure some do.’’

He shook his head. ’’None have. You\ve never seen mates together, have you?’’


’’You\d understand if you did. A mate bond is very strong. There is talk that we become addicted to our females\ scent and none other will do. No other females tempted me when I had a mate, despite the fact that she wasn\ able to share se* with me.’’

’’I\m not the cheating type either.’’

’’I knew that.’’

She let go of her stomach. ’’I could be pregnant.’’

’’I don\ think you are. I\ve scented ovulating human females before, and don\ smell it on you. Does that disturb you?’’

’’Not really. That just falls into the category of things I never thought someone would say to me.’’

He chuckled. ’’We\ll take precautions from now on if you wish. I have the condoms Paul gave me. I would be happy if you had my baby, but I know you aren\ ready for that yet.’’ He tensed. ’’The food. We haven\ eaten.’’ He lifted her off his lap and they stood. ’’Let me go get our dinner. We\ll eat.’’

’’I am hungry.’’

He took her hand and they walked to the living room. He released her. ’’I\ll be right back.’’

’’I\ll find plates and things.’’

’’Thank you.’’

He exited the house and strode to the Jeep. His mind was on Dana as he leaned over and hooked a strap of the duffle bag that was closest to him on his shoulder, and slung it over his back. He lifted the box and spun, returning to the house. He dropped the duffle bag inside and used his foot to close the door. He could get the other bag later. He joined Dana in the kitchen.

She had put plates on the island and found the silverware. He put the box down and removed the sealed containers with their dinners. He watched Dana move to the fridge and open it.

’’Wow. They really packed this. What do you want to drink? It seems they gave us about everything. There\s milk, sodas, iced tea, juice and bottled waters.’’

’’I like soda.’’

She removed two cans and came to him. He studied her face to see if she was upset about the possibility of being pregnant. He wouldn\ blame her if she was angry. She didn\ look it though. She smiled and took a seat on one of the barstools. He passed her the fried chicken dinner and rounded the counter to take a seat next to her with his own container. They were silent as they transferred the food onto plates.

It was a comfortable silence as they ate. He\d never seen someone use a knife and fork to cut fried chicken. He\d have eaten it with his fingers. It made him consider their differences. Mourn had so many things he wanted to ask Dana and discuss with her but he waited until she stopped eating. She couldn\ finish it all but she wasn\ a large human.

’’What is that odd look for?’’ She drew him from his thoughts.

He chuckled. ’’The way you eat is amusing.’’


He shook his head. ’’It\s just cute.’’

She tucked her head, but smiled. Mourn longed to reach out and touch her. He held back, not wanting to do anything that might make her withdraw from him. He finished his dinner and stood, taking their plates to the sink. Dana came up behind him as he rinsed them.

’’Do you need help?’’

’’I have a lot of experience at this. Why don\ you take a seat on the couch, and I\ll be there in a moment?’’

She moved away and he finished cleaning up. He found her on the couch, and sat down close. ’’We could watch a movie. There are some left on the shelf by the last couple who lived here.’’ He\d noticed them earlier.

Dana surprised him by turning to face him. She grabbed his hand and peered up at him with a worried look. ’’Did my brother upset you? He was out of line.’’

’’I wasn\ upset. I\m just glad I didn\ have to physically restrain him.’’

’’He shouldn\ have done that. I\m sorry.’’

’’You\ e apologizing again for what others do.’’ He leaned in and touched her, lightly caressing her arm. ’’I know you come with family, Dana. I considered that before I attempted to become more than your friend.’’

She hesitated. ’’I worried the NSO would be upset with me because we spent last night together. Darkness set me straight on that.’’

’’Why would they be upset?’’

’’You know, like I took advantage by having se* with you.’’

He laughed.

’’That\s exactly how Darkness reacted.’’

’’You\ e thinking like a human. You couldn\ make me do anything I didn\ want to do. They are more worried about what I might do to you.’’

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