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’’You\ e not like that Vengeance guy you told me about.’’

’’No, I\m not. I am so glad you\ e here with me.’’

’’I am too. I enjoy our time together.’’

He studied her features. ’’Are you willing to consider moving to Homeland and living with me if you learn that I\m your male?’’

’’I wish I had your confidence in us working out long-term.’’

’’You will.’’

She broke eye contact and leaned back on the couch, out of his reach. ’’That\s so not fair.’’

His shoulders sagged. ’’I know it\s asking a lot for you to give up your world for mine but I\d do everything to make you happy, Dana.’’

’’I understand why we\d have to live here. That\s not what I was talking about.’’ She twisted to face him, but kept back. ’’You make me want to do crazy things when you look at me like that and your voice gets husky.’’

’’I don\ understand.’’

’’I want to say yes. I\m trying to stay rational and not make a mistake.’’

’’We are not a mistake.’’

’’You know what I mean.’’

He scooted closer until his hip pressed against her leg. ’’I\m not going to change my mind about us, Dana. I won\ regret asking you to be mine. I want you to be my mate. I won\ leave you. I\m the one who worries that you\ll do that to me.’’

Her expression softened. ’’I don\ want to hurt you in any way, Mourn.’’

’’Then agree to be my mate, move to Homeland and stay with me.’’

’’I...’’ She seemed to falter for words.

’’You need assurances that we\ll be good together. I plan to convince you.’’ He stood and held out his hand. ’’Come with me.’’

’’Where are we going?’’ She allowed him to pull her to her feet.

’’To our bedroom.’’

Her eyebrows arched, but she didn\ jerk away from him.

He smiled. ’’I\m going to show you how good we can be together, Dana. I\ve thought all day about the things I want to do to you once I strip you naked. I\ll do much better than what we shared last night.’’

’’Now you\ e really not playing fair.’’

’’I\m Species. I go after what I want, and that\s you.’’

Chapter Eight

Dana waited in the bedroom while Mourn ran outside to retrieve the condoms. She wanted him, but their relationship was so new that she worried se* would be uncomfortable between them. The first time might have been a fluke. He returned quickly, an eager look on his face.

She couldn\ help but laugh. He closed the door and paused to toss a large padded envelope on the bed. He bent and tore at his work boots. Dana hovered near the dresser, watching him. ’’In a hurry?’’

He straightened. ’’I\ll slow down.’’

’’Now I\m nervous,’’ she admitted.

’’There\s no reason to be.’’ He walked right up to her and gently gripped her upper arms. ’’I\ll be gentle.’’ He caressed her skin with his thumbs. ’’Didn\ you enjoy it when I put my mouth between your thighs?’’

The memory flashed through her mind and she nodded. ’’Yes.’’

’’Remove your clothes. No pressure. Just let me touch you, Dana. I\ll stop if you don\ enjoy it. I will never make you do anything you don\ want.’’

’’I guess I\m kind of worried that all we\ll have is se*.’’

He cocked his head. ’’I don\ understand.’’

’’You know, like our relationship is solely going to be based on se*.’’

’’We talk and enjoy spending time together. I\m hoping I can convince you, with se*, to be my mate. I\m determined to learn everything about you. Do you want to return to the living room? We don\ have to share se*. We could talk, or watch one of the movies.’’

She felt torn. ’’I want you. I\m just trying to stall taking off my clothes. It\s bright in here.’’

He frowned. ’’The lights bother you?’’

’’I look better in dimmer lighting.’’

’’Is this a human thing?’’

She laughed. ’’I guess so.’’

’’I like you naked. You\ e beautiful, Dana.’’

She just decided to be blunt. ’’Your women are kind of muscular, and I\m not. I saw a bunch of them at the bar when Paul and Becky took me there. They look like fitness models.’’

His expression softened. ’’I\m attracted to you. Not them.’’

His words helped a lot. He released her and backed away. ’’Do you want to go into the living room?’’

She shook her head. She did want him.

He started to remove his uniform. ’’I\ll strip first. Perhaps that will make you feel more comfortable.’’

He was really sweet. She couldn\ look away as he pulled off his shirt and then peeled the undershirt he wore over his head. The bandage on his arm was gone and the stitches were out. It had just left a red mark. His ability to heal quickly still impressed her. She shifted her gaze and admired the sight of his broad shoulders and chest, and all the muscles revealed down his stomach. He unfastened his belt, slowly pulling it through the loops of his pants. He tossed it to the floor and reached for the front of his pants. He kept his gaze locked on her the entire time.

’’I\m aroused,’’ he warned.

She hadn\ really gotten a good look at him the night before, and had avoided glancing at him while they\d gotten dressed in the shed. He pulled down his pants first. The outline of his rigid cock stretched the fabric of the tight black boxer briefs he wore. He kicked the pants away and hooked his thumbs in the shorts, slowly easing them down.

He was absolutely breathtaking and amazing. Her gaze lingered on his erection. She swallowed hard. Mourn was big all over. Her gaze lifted when he kicked the shorts away and just stood still. He watched her with those remarkable eyes, but then turned and walked to the bed. She appreciated the view of his well-formed, muscular ass. He took a seat on the bed and leaned back to rest his upper body on his bent elbows.

’’Do you want to join me?’’

Her hands trembled a little as she began to strip. ’’Yes.’’

He smiled. ’’We\ll take it very slow. I don\ want to startle you.’’

She kept on her bra and panties, and climbed onto the bed next to him. He held still, just peering at her. She settled on her side, keeping some space between them. She lifted her hand, but paused over his chest.

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