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’’Please touch me,’’ he rasped.

It was se*y when his voice deepened that way, and she saw passion in his eyes. When she glanced at his lap, the evidence of his desire for her was unmistakable. His cock was really hard. She lowered her hand and splayed it on his chest. He eased back until he lay flat and placed his hands beneath his head.

’’That feels so good,’’ he encouraged. ’’Am I less threatening on my back this way?\

She grew bolder, changed positions, sat cross-legged next to him, put both hands on him, and explored his chest and lower stomach. His cock jerked when her fingers slid closer. A low growl rumbled from him, and she looked at his face. She froze because he almost looked angry with his fangs showing and his lips parted.

’’What\s wrong?’’

’’Nothing. I just want to touch you too, Dana. May I?’’


Mourn moved fast, sat up and turned. He slowed his motions then, reaching for her. He helped her ease back to lie flat. He got off the bed and slid his hands under the back of her thighs and tugged her toward the edge then just dropped to his knees, spreading her legs so he fit between them. He leaned forward, half on top of her, and studied her bra. He growled.


’’How do you get this off?’’

She laughed. It proved he was not a womanizer. She reached up with both hands and found the front clasp, popping it open. She spread the cups off her breasts and twisted a bit to remove the straps, easing the rest of it from under her back to throw it out of the way.

Her amusement died quickly when Mourn lunged forward and his hot, wet mouth latched on to her nipple. She gasped at the sudden strong tugs. It didn\ hurt. It instantly sent sensations straight to her clit as if they were linked by nerves. She gripped his shoulders, kneading them just to have something to cling to and anchor her.

He nipped her beaded nipple with his teeth and she felt his fangs, but they didn\ break the skin. So much for taking it slow. She didn\ mind though. His arm slid under her lower back and he jerked her hips closer to his. It put his rock-hard cock against her panties. He ground it against her pussy, rubbing her clit through the thin material that separated them. She moaned and lifted her legs, hooking them around his hips.

He released her breast and went for the other.

’’Oh god,’’ she moaned.

He stopped sucking her nipple and lifted his head. She stared into his eyes.

’’You\ e very religious. Do you want to get married? Would that make sharing se* more comfortable for you?’’

She laughed. ’’I\m not. Very religious, that is.’’

’’You keep saying that when I\m touching you.’’

’’I\m enjoying it. It\s just what I say.’’

’’I wish you\d use my name.’’

’’I\ll try to remember that, but you make thinking impossible when you\ e touching me.’’

He grinned, revealing his fangs. ’’I understand.’’ He lifted up a bit and put a few inches of space between their bodies. ’’Do you care if I remove the rest of your clothing?’’

She shook her head and eased the grip of her legs, where she held him against her. She expected him to back off and help her wiggle out of her panties but he surprised her when he reached for the straps on each side of her hips and just tore them apart. He yanked the material away.

He reached back and gripped her ankles, parting them and shoving her knees up. He lowered farther down her body and buried his face between her thighs. Dana threw her head back and her lips parted as his mouth attacked her clit.

She squeezed her eyes shut. There was no description for the way he tongued and sucked on that bundle of nerves. He wasn\ gentle or slow. He began to purr and snarl, adding very strong vibrations into the mix. Dana clawed at the bedding. Moans tore from her. It felt amazing and was too intense. She attempted to slam her knees closed, but Mourn held her down and open. He was merciless until the climax brutally tore through her. She cried out his name.

He backed off and released her legs. She panted, opening her eyes. Mourn reached out, snagged the large envelope and ripped the top off with his teeth. He turned his head and spit out the paper, and then dumped the contents on the bed next to her. She almost laughed at the number of condom strips that came spilling out. She might have if she hadn\ seen the look on his face. It alarmed her and she struggled to sit up.

’’What\s wrong?’’

’’I want you,’’ he snarled. He picked up a strip, tore a condom off, and then tried to open it. His hands shook and he dropped it, cursing.

She reached into the pile and pulled out a strip. ’’Let me.’’

He was breathing hard, but she realized he wasn\ angry. He was just really turned-on. Her body felt sluggish and sated after having her mind blown, but one glance at his cock assured her that he still wanted her bad. The skin had reddened a bit and it pulsed as if it had a heartbeat. She figured it was a Species thing. She used her teeth to tear the wrapper open and scooted to the edge of the bed.

She touched the slippery, lubricated condom and studied it. ’’I\ve never put one of these on before. Talk me through it.’’

’’I\ll do it.’’ He seemed to have regained some control. ’’I just have to remember what side to press against the tip so it rolls on.’’ He took it and examined it, reached down and put it on. He grimaced.

’’What\s wrong?’’

’’I don\ like the feel of it.’’

’’I\m sorry.’’

’’It is fine. You don\ want to get pregnant.’’

She thought back over the things he\d told her. ’’You said you can scent a woman when she\s ovulating?’’

He nodded. ’’Usually. Not always, but it\s rare not to.’’

She studied his stiff cock. It looked uncomfortable for him to have to wear something so tight. ’’Take it off.’’

His eyebrows shot up.

’’Do I smell like I\m ovulating?’’

His nostrils flared. ’’No.’’

’’Take it off.’’

’’I won\ put you at risk.’’

’’I don\ want you to be uncomfortable.’’

’’I\ll deal with it, to have you. We\ll try this.’’

She eased back on the bed. ’’Okay.’’

He drew closer and maneuvered his hips between her thighs. She spread them wider, and he gripped his shaft, rubbing the latex-covered crown against her pussy. She was really wet as he teased her clit and slid lower to her vaaa**l opening. Mourn pressed in. She tried to relax as he entered her, but he was so big and thick. A soft groan came from him and he came down on top of her, braced his arms near her sides and captured her mouth with his, kissing her.

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