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’’I\ll bring that up at the next meeting.’’ Slade winked. ’’Have a good evening, and again, congratulations.’’

Mourn led Dana to a Jeep, and someone opened the second set of gates for them to drive through. Dana relaxed and enjoyed the warm evening air blowing on her as they made their way home. The guard at the gated entrance to the New Species cottages opened it and waved them through as soon as he spotted them.

Mourn parked, and Dana followed him to the front door. He just twisted the knob and opened it. It amazed her that they didn\ seem to lock anything. The lights were still on, and their dishes from dinner remained on the counter as if he\d rushed out right after she\d left with Paul. He probably had since he\d reached the motel so soon after her.

’’I\ll clean this up.’’ Mourn crossed the room.

’’Leave it. We\ll deal with that tomorrow morning.’’

He turned, one eyebrow raised.

She gripped the bottom of her shirt, pulled it over her head and tossed it on the floor. ’’We have more fun things to do.’’

He growled in response, desire showing in his eyes. ’’I love the way you think.’’

’’I\ve been turned-on since you tore open your shirt and stood up to my mother. That was so hot.’’

He took a few long steps to reach her and hooked an arm around her waist, hoisting her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck and bent her legs, parted them, and hugged his hips. He hurried through the house to the master bedroom and used his elbow to flip on the light. He didn\ let her down until they reached the bed.

’’You make me hurt to be inside you.’’

She smiled as she leaned back on the bed and reached down to rip off her shoes and throw them across the room. She didn\ hesitate to remove all her clothes that time, more comfortable with being naked with him now. The way Mourn looked at her made her feel se*y and wanted.

’’I will treasure you.’’ His voice turned husky and a bit gruff.

He stripped and her heart raced when he showed her just how much she affected him. The beauty of Mourn\s body took her breath away all that tan skin and sculpted muscles. She scooted farther onto the bed and lay back again, opening her arms.

’’Come here.’’

Mourn didn\ waste any time. He stretched out at her side and braced his upper body above her so she could stroke his hair and stare into his eyes. He had the longest eyelashes, and they beautifully enhanced the stunning colors of his irises. His body, pressed against hers, felt so warm and solid.

’’Thank you,’’ she told him.

’’For what?’’

She smiled. ’’For being so insistent that we should be more than friends. I used to wonder how I\d get through every day and face another one. Now I\m so excited about what is going to happen next. That\s all you.’’

’’I feel the same way, Dana. You give me more than purpose. This is the first time since I gained freedom that I can embrace it with gladness. You are that reason.’’

She trailed her fingertips down his cheek, to his mouth, lightly brushing her thumb over his bottom lip. ’’How did I get so lucky?’’

’’Someone told me about karma. We were due for good things to happen to us after all we\ve suffered.’’

She laughed. ’’That is so true.’’

He glanced down at her breasts and growled. ’’I want to do lots of good things to you.’’

She released his hair and splayed her hands on his chest. ’’I could think of a few dozen good things I\d like to do to you too. Roll onto your back.’’

He arched his eyebrows but did it. He appeared to be a little baffled by her request. She sat up and bit her lower lip, openly appreciative of his body. ’’What\s that look for?’’

’’I want to share se* with you.’’


’’We can\ if you have me lying down flat. I\m too excited to just stay still so you can look at me.’’

’’I don\ plan on just looking at you.’’

She opened her palm on his stomach, slowly caressing him and trailing her fingers lower. His cock stiffened even more when she wrapped her fingers around it, playing with the shaft. She leaned in and opened her mouth over the crown, licking him.

Mourn snarled, and Dana turned her head. He seemed shocked.

’’You\ e going to taste me?’’

’’That was the plan. Is that okay?’’

He suddenly lunged, sitting up and grabbing her. He rolled, pinning her under him. ’’Later. I want you too much.’’

Dana couldn\ complain when Mourn scooted down her body, trailing hot, wet kisses along her throat. She spread her thighs to give him room to fit his hips there. She wrapped them around his waist to hold him in place when he reached her breasts, lightly sucking on each one.

’’I want you now.’’

He reached down and slid his hand between them, cupping her pussy. He growled. She knew she was wet and ready. He shifted his weight a little and Dana moaned when he replaced his hand with his cock. He entered her fast and hard.


He rose and brushed his mouth over hers, their gazes locking. His hands wrapped around her shoulders as he moved, thrusting in and out of her. Dana loved staring into his eyes. It made making love to him even more intimate than their bodies moving together and the pleasure of having him inside her.

’’You are so beautiful,’’ he rasped.

’’So are you.’’

He ground against her, rubbing her clit as he increased the pace. Dana moaned, arching her pelvis to move with him. Ecstasy surged and she threw her head back, crying out his name.

Mourn growled, burying his face against her neck as he came. Dana felt the warmth of his release spread deep inside her. She clung to him as they both tried to catch their breaths, their bodies tangled together.

’’I love you, Dana.’’

’’I love you too.’’

Mourn lowered his head, his tongue and lips teasing her throat with light kisses. Her skin was so soft that he groaned. He knew he would never tire of touching her, and showing her they belonged together. He inhaled her scent, understanding how males believed they became addicted to their mates. She smelled better than a summer day to him. Even better than food, and everything else pleasant he\d ever experienced.

He\d hoped for death after losing 139, but now all he wanted to do was spend every day and night with Dana. He had more than purpose. He was happy and enjoying freedom for the first time. Dana had changed everything for him, and he\d show her how much she meant to him every day. He\d treasure her.

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