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They could try to have children one day if Dana wanted to. Just the thought of having a son with Dana, possibly a few of them, had him smiling. Mercile couldn\ steal his and Dana\s offspring. His family with her would be safe behind NSO walls. He purred, content.

Dana giggled. ’’That tickles.’’

’’Sorry.’’ He raised his head and smiled. ’’I do that when I\m happy.’’

’’So am I, and I like it when you purr. I wasn\ complaining.’’

He stroked her hair, playing with the strands. ’’I like everything about you.’’

’’I wouldn\ say everything. You met my mother. She usually scares men off.’’

’’She is just one female. The NSO has many humans who dislike us. I\m proud to be Species, and your mate. I believe your mother will learn to like me once she sees how much you mean to me.’’

’’I don\ need her approval, and neither do you. You once told me that human rules don\ apply to New Species. You do things your own way. I want to be more like you, Mourn. I don\ want to overanalyze everything. I am following my heart.’’

’’You are Species. You\ e my mate.’’

She smiled. ’’You\ e my mate,’’ she repeated. ’’I like the way that sounds.’’

’’We can have a human marriage.’’

She hesitated, seeming to ponder it. ’’You know what? We don\ need that. You said it yourself. I\m Species. I did the marriage thing with Tommy, but I want something new and better with you.’’

He understood. ’’I never signed mate papers with 139. We will do that together for the first time.’’

’’Really? Why didn\ you do that?’’

’’It\s a legal way to prove to your world that we are bonded for life. 139 wasn\ human. You are.’’

’’I understand. I like that.’’

’’Do you want a ring? I know the males bought their human mates one.’’

She shook her head. ’’Do you know what I would like instead?’’

’’Tell me. I will get it for you.’’

She grinned. ’’It could be something crazy or silly.’’

’’It won\ matter. I will find a way to get you anything you want or need.’’

’’I\ve been thinking about babies.’’

’’So have I.’’ His heart rate accelerated.

’’I\d like to throw out those condoms. No pressure, but it will be nice if it does happen, won\ it?’’


He loved her. She was offering him everything he had never dared dream of.

’’Are you sure, Mourn?’’

’’I want everything with you.’’

’’There are some things I\ve always wanted to do, but haven\ . I\m sure you have some fantasies too. We could write out lists and compare them.’’

’’Is sharing se* involved?’’

She blushed, but nodded. ’’I\d like to take a bath with you. I\ve never had se* in water.’’

’’We can do that. Didn\ you bathe with Tommy?’’

’’No. I told you that he had germ phobias. He\d shower with me, but he hated bathtubs and pools. He said it was like dipping in a vat of viruses. Have you ever had se* that way?’’

’’No, but I\d like to.’’

’’Is there something you\ve always wanted to try, but haven\ ?’’

He considered it. ’’I\d like for you to teach me how to dance.’’

Her eyebrows arched, but she seemed pleased. ’’Really?’’

’’Yes. I\ve seen Species do that, and it looks fun. I want to be able to take you there for dates.’’

’’You\ e a romantic.’’

’’You inspire me.’’

’’I\d love to teach you anything I know. Just name it. Any time. Anything.’’

’’I don\ want my being Species, and you being human, to ever come between us.’’

’’It won\ . We talk.’’

’’Yes, we do. We have total honesty. I never want that to change.’’

’’The great thing about us is that we are determined to make this work.’’

’’Yes.’’ He paused, something on his mind. ’’Dana, would you like me to change my name?’’

Her eyebrows shot upward and she looked surprised. ’’What?’’

’’I took the name Mourn after losing my mate. I grieved her loss. I could change my name to something to reflect us if you want.’’

She stroked his hair. ’’Why do you think I\d want that?’’

’’I\m worried that my name will cause you pain or it will be a constant reminder that I was mated before.’’

’’It doesn\ . You\ e Mourn. I don\ want you to change. I was Dana when I was married to Tommy. Should I change my name to something new?’’ She smiled.

He grinned. ’’No. You\ e Dana.’’

’’You\ e Mourn. I don\ associate it with your past. The only reason you should change your name is if you hate it. Do you?’’

’’I\m used to it now.’’

’’I\m kind of fond of it myself. I love you, Mourn.’’

’’I love you, Dana.’’

He slowly eased his semi-hard kon*** out of her and turned them over so she ended up sprawled across his body. She settled onto him, stroking his chest and arms.



’’Thank you for talking to me and taking my hand that day.’’

’’We\ e kindred spirits. How could I not?’’

’’I don\ know what that means.’’

She smiled. ’’We\ e very much alike.’’

He chuckled. ’’Yes, we are.’’

Chapter Twelve

Three months later

’’Dana? Open the bathroom door.’’ Mourn gripped the locked handle and growled.

’’Go away,’’ she muttered. ’’I\m going to be sick.’’

’’I know you dread your mother\s visit but she\s isn\ staying with us. We feel bad for Paul, remember?’’

’’It\s not that.’’ She groaned.

Mourn snapped the lock as he viciously twisted the handle, opening the door. He rushed forward the moment he spotted Dana crouched on the floor. He just dropped to his knees next to her, wrapping an arm around her.

’’I\ve got you.’’

’’This is so embarrassing. It\s why I locked the door. You\ e supposed to stay out there.’’

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