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’’What about the feline?’’

’’I closed my eyes. He took me from behind so I couldn\ have looked even if I wanted to. I didn\ .’’

’’Did he prepare you? Go down and put his mouth on you?’’

’’No. I didn\ want him to touch me in any way he didn\ have to. I just wanted to get it over with and asked him to do it fast.’’

Breeze snarled and annoyance creased her features. ’’That had to have hurt.’’

’’I try to forget everything that happened inside that cell.’’

’’I don\ blame you. It won\ hurt with Hero.’’

’’It wouldn\ matter. He\s my male.’’

Breeze reached out. ’’I\m going to hug you. Deal with it.’’

Candi didn\ mind when the female put her arms around her and gave her a squeeze. ’’Thank you.’’

Breeze released her and lowered her head, peering into her eyes. ’’Okay, males like to put their mouths on your se* down there. It feels amazing. You\ll like it. Don\ be shocked when Hero wants to do that. There\s nothing to fear. Our males really enjoy it if you put lotion on your hands and rub up and down on where he gets hard. Expect a mess when he gets off. That\s normal. I can understand why he is leery to share se* with you, but you can do those things without fear of getting pregnant. He\d have to come inside you for that possibility. Is that clear enough?’’


’’Find his lotion and get him undressed. That should motivate him to want to touch you back. It\s going to be at least a month or two before you\ e at a size that will make him feel secure with mounting you. I don\ want him picking fights with other males out of se*ual frustration, and sleeping with you every night is going to make him snap at some point. I also don\ want you to have to suffer his bad moods. Our males get testy when they are se*ually frustrated. You\ll both be happier.’’

The door opened and Hero entered. ’’Breeze.’’

’’I was just checking on your female.’’ She smiled. ’’My shift is starting. I have to go. Carry on.’’ She left.

Hero closed the door and locked it. He showed her two flat bags wrapped in clear paper. ’’I got us popcorn. I\ll throw them in the microwave. How long was Breeze here?’’

’’Not long.’’

’’What did she say?’’ He entered the kitchen.

’’She said it could be months before I gain lots of weight.’’

He spun, horrified. ’’Months? No. I\ll feed you plenty.’’ He turned away and yanked open a metal box thing that was built into the cabinets, and opened the packets. ’’Meat will help. Every meal will have some.’’

She didn\ say anything. He was in denial that it would take time. It was their first day spending their new life together. She didn\ want to argue with him. Everything Breeze had said replayed through her mind. It would be easier to change his plan to wait to mount her than to allow that much time to elapse.

’’I\m deciding what movie to show you first.’’

’’I remember them but it was before I was brought to you at Mercile.’’

’’Did you have a favorite?’’

She shook her head. ’’I can\ remember that much about them. They were cartoons.’’

He smiled. ’’I have some movies that are cartoons. That helps. There\s one about a superhero family. I think you\ll like it.’’ He grinned at her.

’’Okay. I\m going to use your bathroom. I\ll be right back.’’

’’Our bathroom,’’ he corrected. He faced the microwave and put one of the packets inside. ’’This will take a few minutes. I\ll find the movie.’’

She liked that he was excited. ’’I\ll hurry.’’ She rushed out of the room and entered the bathroom. She even took the time to brush her hair and teeth. It didn't take long to search the drawers and find the bottle of lotion. She returned to the living room.

Hero didn\ glance her way, too busy pouring something into a large bowl. She shoved the lotion behind one of the cushions on the side of the couch and took a seat. He\d turned on the television and a colorful menu showed on the screen. Two sodas were placed on the coffee table with napkins. He strode toward her with two bowls and a grin on his handsome face.

’’This will be fun.’’

It brought her pleasure to see his joy. ’’I\m excited.’’

He took a seat a few feet away, placed the bowls on the table and reached for the remote. She studied his clothes. ’’Can you do something for me?’’

He froze and turned his head. ’’What?’’

’’I want to curl up to you. Your jeans are rough. Can you put those soft shorts on?’’

His eyebrows rose.

’’The ones you wore to sleep with me.’’

He frowned. ’’They are called boxers, and that\s not a good idea.’’

’’It is. I want us to be comfortable.’’ She glanced at his chest. ’’No shirt either. I want to be able to touch your skin.’’

’’It\s best if I keep fully clothed. I\d prefer you wear more, but you seem to only like wearing my shirts.’’


He growled. ’’Fine.’’

’’Don\ get angry.’’

’’I\m not. I enjoy torture.’’ He stood fast and marched into the bedroom.

Candi grinned. Her male looked cute when he was annoyed. He might not admit it, but she knew why. He expected se*ual frustration. She glanced at the cushion next to her. He wouldn\ be if she had anything to say about it. She just needed him to relax before she attempted to get him completely naked.

He wore black silky boxers when he came out. Candi swallowed hard. She\d rather watch him than some movie. Her male was beautiful and she loved seeing so much of him. He sat down again and snatched the remote off the table. His body looked tense and so did his expression, but he started the movie. He dropped the remote, grabbed one of the bowls, and placed it on his lap.

’’Thank you.’’ She inched over and leaned against his side. He remained rigid but didn\ complain when she snuggled closer. He actually lifted that arm and wrapped it around her back to hold her close. He used his other hand to eat his popcorn.

It smelled good, but she wasn\ ready to eat more. Her gaze fixed on the big screen and she had to admit to a little excitement at the prospect of watching a movie. She just didn\ plan to see it all. It was just a matter of time before Hero let his guard down. She\d strike then.

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