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Hero loved the sound of Candi\s laughter. He glanced at her face and saw sheer joy as she watched the movie. He leaned forward a little and shoved the empty popcorn bowl onto the table and turned his body a bit toward her. It felt right to have her against his side. She didn\ take her attention off the television, but leaned more solidly against him, resting her cheek on his chest. Her hand stroked his skin. Her soft fingers were playing hell on him when they brushed over his nipple. His kon*** hurt. He\d been hard since she\d started running her hands over him, but managed to keep his kon*** trapped between his thighs. He didn\ want her to become aware of how she affected him.

The shower beckoned to him. He would tend his needs once he locked a door between them. His gaze lowered to her curled legs. The shirt rode up too high, exposing her thighs. He longed to touch her there, but kept his hand loose on her hip. It had been hell sleeping with her, but he\d thought the days would be better when they were out of bed. He\d been wrong. He wanted Candi so bad it was all he could think of.

He stared at the movie but couldn\ get into it. That was new. He\d watched it dozens of times and always enjoyed the story. He hadn\ had Candi next to him then though. She laughed again and ran her hand from his chest to his stomach. He clenched his teeth when her fingertips stroked the skin just over the waistband of his boxers. His kon*** throbbed when he imagined her sliding that hand lower.

She kept her hand there, rubbing and exploring. He tensed, unable to take it anymore. His kon*** was getting too hard to keep it trapped. ’’I need to shower.’’

She lifted her head and peered up at him. He tried to mask his emotions. ’’What? Now?’’


She sniffed. ’’You smell good. Why do you need a shower? We\ e watching the movie.’’

’’Candi...’’ He paused, deciding to be honest. ’’I need to put some space between us. Finish watching the movie. I\ve seen it many times. I\ll be back in ten minutes.’’

She didn\ pull away from him, but instead lowered her chin. ’’Oh.’’

He cringed when he followed her gaze. The boxers were long ones that nearly went to his knees but the outline of his engorged kon*** was clear, despite him trying to keep it between this thighs.

’’Ten minutes. I\ll be back.’’ He pulled his hand off her hip.

She sat up, and when she was off him he stood fast, ready to flee. She snagged the back of the waistband of his boxers. ’’Wait.’’

He twisted his head to look back at her, frowning. ’’Let go.’’

She stretched across the couch and dug her fingers behind the cushion. She withdrew his lotion and smiled. ’’Sit down.’’

He was too stunned to do anything but glance between the bottle and the smile on her face.

’’Sit down.’’ She yanked on his boxers. They slid down his hips and legs. She let go of them and they landed around his ankles.

He still resisted. She\d never seen him without something covering his kon***. That wouldn\ be the case if he turned. Her hand stroked one of his ass cheeks and he growled.

’’Do you know what you\ e doing, Candi?’’

’’No, but I think I can figure it out with your help. Turn toward me or sit down.’’

’’I don\ want to frighten you.’’

She smiled. ’’You\ e mine. Let me see all of you.’’

He lifted one foot and then the other, kicking the boxers away. A smart male would make a dash for the bathroom as he\d intended, but he was too aroused to think straight. Candi wanted to use lotion on him. He turned and tensed, watching her face to judge her reaction. He\d flee if he spotted fear.

Her eyes widened and her lips parted. She said nothing as she studied his kon***. He glanced down at it. It wasn\ trapped between his thighs or hidden now. Her hand lifted and she gently brushed her fingertips across the top of his shaft. His knees weakened at that hesitant touch, but he locked them. She didn\ look afraid.

’’You\ e so hard and big.’’

’’Yes.’’ He couldn\ deny that.

’’Sit,’’ she urged, pulling her hand back. She uncapped the lotion and poured some into her hands. ’’How do you like to be touched?’’

He sat, the leather couch still warm from his body. He was excited and afraid at the same time. He spread his thighs and leaned back, shoving his hips forward a little to give her access to him.

’’What feels good?’’

Candi expected an answer. ’’Anything,’’ he growled. He looked up at her face and she smiled.

’’You look angry.’’

’’Hurting. Excited. Not angry.’’

She dropped the lotion bottle on the table and rubbed her hands together. He had a difficult time breathing as he watched her. She\d reduced him to the ability to say few words. He tensed when she reached for his kon***, and moaned when she wrapped both hands around his shaft. She explored him, rubbing her palms and fingers around the sensitive flesh. He growled when she stroked the tip.

’’You make me hurt too,’’ she whispered. ’’I like touching you. Am I being gentle enough?’’

He nodded. He couldn\ speak. Her hands felt amazing. He wanted to come just from knowing it was her, and from seeing his Candi\s hands bringing him pleasure. He clenched his teeth until his jaw hurt. She played with him, stroking up and down his shaft, rubbing circles over the crown of his kon***, gripping him a little more firmly to give the shaft a squeeze.

’’What feels best? Tell me.’’

He had to tear his gaze away from her hands to look into her eyes. ’’Up and down. A little more strength. I\ll come fast. I\m almost there.’’ He wouldn\ lie to his Candi.

He groaned when she stacked one hand on top of the other on his shaft and gripped his kon*** harder. She slid them to the base and then up until she swirled her thumb across the crown, and then back down. He threw his head back and stretched his arms out along the back of the couch, gripping it so he wouldn\ grab her instead.

’’You\ e so perfect,’’ she whispered. ’’So beautiful. Should I rub you slow or fast?’’

He didn\ care. It didn\ matter. Candi brought him pleasure. He opened his mouth, breathing heavily. His ass left the couch a bit. He locked his body so he wouldn\ start rocking his hips. He imagined what it would be like if he was inside her and that was it. He came hard, unable to warn her before he did. It was just blinding rapture and his semen exploding outward. She kept touching him, almost killing him, and he blindly grabbed at her wrists and pulled her hands off his kon***.

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