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’’It\s not pain. It\s strong pleasure. Trust me,’’ he urged.

She arched her back and wiggled her hips, grinding her pussy against his hand. He stroked her faster and applied a little pressure. He didn\ want to draw it out for her. Not the first time. Her nipples were stiff, beaded, and her body rigid. He knew she was close. He twisted his wrist upward just enough to fit one finger between her se* and his thumb. He pressed his fingertip against the opening of her pussy and eased it inside.

F*k. He managed not to snarl that word, but it ripped through his mind. She was so wet and tight. Her pussy would be paradise to his kon***. His balls felt like pins and needles were jabbing at them as he pushed that finger inside her deeper until he found the spot he wanted. He wiggled his thumb and finger in a rhythm that would bring her to climax as her vaaa**l muscles clamped tightly around him.

Hero watched as she tossed her head, her body writhing on the couch, and her lips parted. She cried out loudly as she came all over his hand. She was gorgeous, and his. He refused to remove his finger, or move his thumb off her clit. He just held still, feeling her vaaa**l walls twitch in the aftermath as that fleshy bud softened. Her body turned slack as she panted. He suffered physically since he\d never felt so turned-on in his life, but he kept his urges in check. It was one of the toughest things he\d ever done, because he wanted to withdraw his finger and sink his kon*** into his Candi.

Chapter Eight

Candi had tried many times to imagine how it would feel if 927 touched her down there. He always knew how to make her feel good by stroking her hair or lightly scratching his nails on her back. That was nothing compared to what he\d just done to her. Her body felt wrung out, but amazing. She opened her eyes and smiled as she lifted her head to stare at him.

His expression reminded her of when he wanted to kill someone. His fangs dug into his bottom lip and his features were tense. He breathed hard, as he had when enraged. The look in his eyes almost scared her, but not because she feared him. It was one she\d seen only once before. Sheer, absolute pain.

’’What\s wrong?’’ She sat up, causing him to withdraw his hand from her. She missed the loss of his finger inside her, touching her intimately. She kept her gaze locked with his and clutched his shoulders. He didn\ speak. ’’What\s wrong?’’ She massaged the rigid muscles. ’’Did I do something wrong.’’

He closed his eyes and tersely shook his head.

She leaned closer and something jabbed at her. She looked down his body to find the source. His cock was harder than before and it looked painful. It was an angry red color. It moved as she watched, kind of jerked, twitching once, and then again. The tip was wet, as if he\d leaked a tiny bit.

’’Oh.’’ She looked up at his face, but he kept his eyes closed, just silently kneeling in front of her.

She frantically looked for the lotion, but didn\ see it. She reached down and curled her fingers around his shaft. She rubbed, but quickly realized there was a big difference between having lotion on her hand and not. He made a low grunting noise and she stopped.

Another quick visual search didn\ reveal where the lotion had gone. She looked down at where her legs were spread. Her entire se* felt warm and soaked. She wiggled closer to him and gripped his cock again. She dug her toes against the carpet and scooted until she almost slid off the couch. It put her right where she needed to be as she rubbed the thick tip of his cock against her pussy.

He snarled and opened his eyes. His hands gripped her upper arms, and Candi gasped when she was shoved back. 927 came with her, bending over her as she landed against the cushion he\d placed behind her. His chest smashed against her breasts, trapping her arm between them. She still had a firm hold on his cock.


’’You\ e in pain.’’

’’Give me a minute. I\ll get it under control.’’ He shifted his arms, bracing some of his upper body weight on his elbows, but he didn\ release her shoulders, keeping her pinned.

’’You\ e not going to hurt me. I want to know what it feels like to have you inside me.’’

He stared at her with that terrible, pained look. ’’That isn\ helping.’’

’’You\ e crushing my arm.’’

He arched his back to make a little room between their stomachs. It was enough for her to move it a little. Candi was tired of her pup being overprotective. He wanted her and she wanted him. She lifted her legs and hooked them around his hips, digging her heels against the back of his thighs to prevent him from jerking away without taking her with him. She gripped his cock tighter near the base of the shaft and wiggled her hips. Between her hold on him and her movement, it rubbed them together so the crown of his cock slid along her pussy.

He snarled at her, even opening his mouth as if he planned to bite her. She wasn\ afraid.

’’Go ahead. Do it, my pup. It wouldn\ be the first time you snapped at me.’’

She rocked her hips and watched his face. His eyes closed as she used her pussy to rub against him instead of using lotion. It felt really good to her and she figured it was the same for him. He growled low and twisted his head.

’’Stop,’’ he rasped. ’’I\ll break.’’

She knew he wasn\ talking about the thick, hard body part that she kept hold of. She\d make him break his resolve not to mount her. It was something she could live with. She wanted him and he wanted her. Sometimes males were irrational and overprotective. She knew he wouldn\ hurt her, even if he didn\ .

She rolled her hips and wiggled them until she had him right where she wanted him. His body, bent over hers, was as rigid as a statue. He wouldn\ move, but that didn\ mean she couldn\ . She aligned their bodies until the crown of his cock pressed against where his finger had been. She used her legs, locked around him, to pull her body closer to his since he left her with no choice.

He felt huge and too thick. Her body resisted, but she was determined. A little more wiggling and rolling her hips and he eased inside her. Her pup snarled and his body grew more rigid, as if acting like a statue wasn\ enough. He was as hard as one. She bent her knees and lifted her legs higher on his waist. That worked. More of his cock entered her. She released his shaft, pulled her arm out from between them and wrapped it around his middle. She raked her fingernails over his spine.


He sounded panicked and angry at the same time, and his grip on her upper arms was bruising. She ignored the slight pain and looked at his neck near her mouth. She licked her lips and lifted her head enough to reach him. She lightly bit him and his body jerked. She ran the tip of her tongue over the bite mark and a little lower to the curve of his shoulder. She bit him harder there, knowing it wouldn\ break the skin, but it would cause him to react. She knew her pup.

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