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He released her shoulder and reached down, grabbing her ass with one big palm. She moaned loudly when he came down heavily on top of her. He drove his hips forward and she loved the sensation as he filled her. He was inside her deep, his cock so hard and thick that it seemed as if they were actually one person. He eased his hold on her shoulder and slid his arm between her and the cushion, gripping her again, but from the back. He withdrew a little and thrust forward. She moaned louder. He stopped, just holding her tightly.

’’Yes,’’ she urged. ’’Don\ stop.’’ She dug her nails into his back and wrapped her other hand around the back of his neck. ’’Claim me.’’

He turned his head and buried his face in her hair, his cheek against hers. His hand on her ass found a better grasp, his upper arm pressing against her outer thigh to pin it against his side. He rocked his hips, moving inside her at a steady but unhurried pace. Candi closed her eyes and clung to him, letting him hear how good it was through her moans and soft cries.

Being mounted by her male brought her ecstasy that increased with the speed of his cock driving inside her, rubbing against her clit, adding to the sensations that threatened to overwhelm her. ’’Don\ stop,’’ she panted. She knew her pup. He\d worry about hurting her. ’’So good.’’

He snarled and she knew he stopped holding back. He f*ked her harder, the couch making creaking noises as if it were going to break. She didn\ care if it did. She clung to her male until the pleasure hurt and it exploded, shattering her. She cried out his name as her body seized.

She was barely aware of him shoving his hand hard against her ass, but she hated the loss of him as he pulled all the way out of her. He kept hold of her though, pinned under him on the couch. He\d just withdrawn his cock. At the same time, he made a sound she\d never heard from him. It was almost a whimpered snarl.

His hold on her shoulder eased until it was no longer a death grip and the hand on her ass lightly massaged. It took time for both of them to recover, and he lifted his head when he did. Candi opened her eyes and stared into his. She expected him to be angry. He liked to snarl and lecture her when she did something that made him angry.

’’You are soooooooo bad.’’ He looked amused.

She grinned, remembering the past. ’’I am.’’

’’You know what I have to do when you\ e bad.’’


He eased his arm from beneath, but kept hold of her ass. He straightened up a little, dug his fingers into her ribs and tickled her. Candi squealed, laughing as she tried to evade him. His mood sobered and he stopped.

’’Did I hurt you at all? Are you sore?’’ He leaned back, staring at her lower half. ’’You\ e so small down there.’’

’’You\ e just too big.’’ She wanted to reassure him. ’’You didn\ hurt me, my pup. I knew you wouldn\ . I enjoyed you mounting me so much. I want to do it all the time.’’

His slid his hand between them and touched her pussy, but didn\ play with her. He just rubbed one hand there while looking at it. He relaxed.

’’What are you doing?’’

’’I don\ smell blood, but I wanted to make certain.’’

’’Look at me.’’

’’What?’’ He held her gaze.

’’Stop worrying so much about me. I\m not fragile.’’

He twisted his body and reached for something on the floor. He used her discarded shirt to clean them up. He dropped it and held out his hands. ’’Come with me.’’

She grasped his hands and he pulled her to her feet. He kept hold of one and led her into his bedroom, through it, and into his bathroom. She thought he intended to take that shower he\d mentioned, but he stopped in front of the mirror and turned her to face it so he stood behind her.

’’See what I see,’’ he rasped.

She really looked at them both. He was wider and taller than she was. Her pale skin seemed stark compared to his golden tan. It wasn\ her fault since they hadn\ allowed her out in the sunshine at the asylum. Her body was too thin, caused by all the drugs they\d forced her to take and the few meals she\d been given. She had to admit she looked weak and small compared to him. Her body looked like a shrunken version of the sixteen-year-old she\d been when they\d taken her from Mercile.

Hero released her hand and wrapped his arms around her, bending down a little to put their faces closer together. Their gazes met in the mirror. ’’I\m going to worry until you\ e healthier and stronger. I\ll worry even then because you\ e so important to me. Your inner strength and will is amazing. It\s just contained in a frail body right now. Can you see that?’’

Tears filled her eyes. ’’Yes.’’

He turned her away from the mirror. ’’Don\ cry, Candi. That wasn\ my intention. You will get healthy and stronger, but be tolerant of my fears. Can you do that?’’

She nodded.

He wiped her tears away. ’’Thank you. I\m going to baby you. Deal with it.’’

She smiled. He\d learned that last phrase from her as they\d been growing up. She\d said that to him often when he\d complain about something too human that she\d do. ’’Fine but this no-sharing-se* thing is stupid. I refuse to wait until you deem me at a good weight for that.’’

’’I want to disagree with you, but you\ e sooooo bad.’’ He smiled. ’’I can\ resist you but we\ll only share se* with great care, and not too much.’’

’’What is too much?’’

He hesitated. ’’I don\ know. We\ll have to figure it out.’’

She asked him the question that had bothered her since she\d studied herself in the mirror and put herself in his frame of mind. ’’Do I disgust you?’’

’’No,’’ he snarled. ’’Why would you even think that?’’

’’I don\ look good.’’

’’You\ e my Candi.’’ He suddenly grinned. ’’You could have been very ugly in your face and I would have still loved you. You\ e mine.’’

She laughed. ’’You don\ think I\m ugly even with my funny features.’’

’’I said it when we were small, and I still mean it.’’

She lifted her arms and he bent forward so she could wrap them around his neck. ’’I love you.’’

He enclosed her in his arms and lifted her off the floor. ’’I love you too. You have my heart and always will.’’

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