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’’I didn\ want to wait for them to type out things and sign them. Breeze said humans are anal about paperwork and statements. The video can just be shown to them to prove they were my words. I don\ mind. Plus, Breeze said humans would see how puny I am and know I was abused.’’

He growled. ’’She didn\ have you strip naked, did she?’’

’’No. How did it go for you?’’ She reached up and ran her fingers through his hair, stroking him. ’’Was it difficult talking about the past?’’

’’Yes. We went down to the conference room and more males showed up to write down what I said. They\ll only share what they feel the humans need to know to protect you. The legal team came too. They\ve been busy since you arrived with what information they had.’’

’’What does that mean?’’

He paused.

’’Just tell me.’’

’’They located the homicide file on your mother. It was unsolved. They feel the police are going to be happy to close it once they learn that you witnessed Dr. C kill her and that other male. They also discovered a missing-person report on you. Dr. C had to file one once the police notified him of the fire at your home and the deaths. Your body wasn\ located. They said it was standard procedure for a male to file one and it would have made him seem innocent of stealing you.’’

She let that sink in.

’’It also establishes that you were at the site of a double homicide as a young child and disappeared at that time. Dr. C\s alibi was Mercile Industries. They said he was working that night, but now everyone knows they lied. One of the humans working on our legal team seemed really happy about that. He feels it proves where you were taken.’’


’’No one is going to take you away from me.’’ He straightened. ’’Did you sign the mate papers? They had me sign them first.’’

’’I did.’’

He smiled. ’’Good. You already were my mate but now the humans know it as well.’’ He backed away and opened the fridge. ’’I will make you a sandwich.’’

Someone knocked on the door and Hero slammed the fridge closed. He grumbled as he passed her. ’’Don\ get down.’’

She turned her head and watched as he unlocked the door and yanked it open. Two females stood there. He opened the door wider and they entered, carrying large bags.

’’We brought cakes, cookies and a fried chicken. We heard what was going on and figured you\d be hungry for dinner.’’ The tall female grinned at Candi. ’’I\m Bluebird and this is Sunshine. Welcome to Homeland.’’

Hero took the food from them and set it on the coffee table. ’’Thank you.’’

’’You\ e welcome.’’ The one with blue streaks in her black hair peered at Candi. ’’You poor thing. We\ll put weight on you really fast.’’ She turned to Hero. ’’You should move into the women\s dorm. We got permission from the Gifts. They see it\s more reasonable to have a mated couple under our roof. It will be easier for us to feed your female if she\s there, and we\ll keep her company while you\ e on shift. They think she must be terrified, surrounded by so many males.’’

Candi almost laughed at his stunned expression. She slid off the counter and walked up to the females. ’’Thank you. It\s so nice to meet you. I\m not afraid to be here.’’

The one with the streaks in her hair arched her eyebrow. ’’Doesn\ the smell bother you?’’

’’What smell?’’

The feline grinned. ’’I\m Sunshine. You don\ have the nose. I forgot. This building smells of a lot of males. It\s not a bad thing but you are the only female living here. We checked and Hero hasn\ asked to be moved to couples housing.’’ She shot him a curious look. ’’Why haven\ you done that?’’

’’Um. I hadn\ thought of it. I should.’’

’’No. We\ e fine here.’’ Candi leaned against his side. ’’This is our home. I like being surrounded by males. I feel safe.’’

Bluebird smiled. ’’You\d be safe at the women\s dorm too. Hero works shifts, and he\ll have to leave you alone while he\s on duty. Wouldn\ you like to hang out with us when he\s gone? We can teach you how to cook and work everything inside your home.’’ She lowered her voice. ’’Make him vacuum. It\s this scary machine that cleans the floors and sucks everything up. It\s loud and you have to watch it closely. It tries to take things you don\ want it to and then you have to wrestle with it to get your shirts back.’’

Sunshine laughed. ’’I told you to pick up your clothes before you run the vacuum.’’ She rolled her eyes and smiled at Candi. ’’We all had a difficult time when we were first freed, but we\ll help you adjust. We\ e your family.’’

Candi was touched. ’’Thank you.’’

Bluebird looked at Hero. ’’Consider moving into the women\s dorm. It\s probably best if you don\ request couples housing. Most of the males who transferred into single homes did so with humans. Your Candi doesn\ know how to cook or how to use the appliances. She needs the assistance to learn, and no offense, but you males grumble too much when you teach...and learn. She\d have more fun being taught by females.’’

’’I\ll think about it. Thank you.’’

Sunshine hesitated, her gaze on Hero. ’’I\m glad you\ e doing better. I was worried, but now I understand why you were so upset. Be happy.’’

Both females left and Hero locked the door. He looked a bit grim when he stared at her. ’’Do you want us to move to be with the females?’’

’’You don\ want to move into the women\s dorm, do you?’’

’’I would if you wanted.’’

’’I like your home.’’

’’Our home.’’

’’I could visit the females when you have to work.’’ The relief on his face was almost comical, but she managed not to laugh. It helped her make a decision. ’’I don\ want to move.’’

He smiled. ’’Let me feed you.’’ He rushed into the kitchen to get plates.

She helped by sitting on the couch and removing containers from the bags. They\d brought her a cake, cookies and lots of fried chicken. There were also side dishes. Hero settled next to her and grinned.

’’We never saw the rest of the movie. I\ll find where we left off and replay it.’’

’’I\d like that.’’

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