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’’Just be certain to eat lots.’’

’’I will.’’ She wanted him to stop viewing her as too thin and fragile.

* * * * *

Candi woke and smiled. She lay sprawled over Hero\s chest. The blue screen from the television provided enough light for her to study his features while he slept. His peaceful expression matched her mood. His arms were loosely wrapped around her waist to keep her from falling off him.

They\d finished their movie and dinner, and he\d put the rest of the food away. They\d watched a second movie and been halfway through a third when she must have dozed off. He had stretched out and pulled her on top of him to get them into that position.

Tears filled her eyes, and she didn\ try to stop them. Her pup was with her, alive and well. It seemed too good to be true, but she no longer feared waking up inside her room at the asylum. It wasn\ a drug-induced dream. He was really with her, and they had a future together.

She laid her head against his chest and just listened to his heartbeat under her ear. They\d lost a lot of time but every day would be precious from that moment on. Part of her was tempted to wake him and lead him into the bedroom. He seemed too peaceful though. She just lay there and enjoyed being close.

A slight noise came from the hallway. The body under hers tensed and Hero locked his arms tightly around her as he tried to sit up. She lifted her head. ’’Easy.’’

’’I heard something.’’

A door closed down the hallway. ’’It\s just one of your neighbors.’’

He glanced around but seemed to accept that. ’’Security is changing shifts about now.’’

’’Do you always get jumpy at every sound?’’

He stared into her eyes. ’’No.’’

’’You\ e worried about me. I\m not going to leave.’’

’’I keep thinking about how the humans might want to take you from me.’’

’’Breeze swore they can\ come into Homeland to take me, and the NSO will never hand me over. I\m not a criminal. I\m a survivor, and I\m not really one of them. The humans will understand all that once they learn what was done to me and why I killed Penny.’’

’’I just don\ trust them to be reasonable.’’

’’Breeze isn\ worried. Were the males you spoke to?’’

He sat up, shifting her onto his lap. ’’No. They assured me this would be resolved quickly.’’

’’See?’’ She smiled. ’’I\m all yours and no one is going to take us away from each other ever again. You are stuck with me.’’

He slid one arm under the back of her knees, his other one hooking around her back. He stood. ’’My mind knows it, but I still feel uneasy.’’

’’I understand.’’ She did. Them being together again seemed almost too good to be true.

He carried her into the bedroom and flipped on the light, taking her to the bed. ’’I\ll be right back.’’

She watched him enter the bathroom and close the door. It gave her enough time to strip out of the clothes she wore. She\d just climbed onto the bed when he returned. She smiled when he softly growled.

’’What are you doing?’’

’’Aren\ we going back to sleep?’’

’’You\ e naked.’’

’’I don\ want anything between us. Take off your clothes.’’

’’This is a bad idea.’’

’’I ate and I slept.’’ She grinned. ’’Get the box.’’

She expected an argument, some kind of resistance, but he surprised her. He picked up the box off the nightstand, tore it open, and laid a strip of condoms on the corner of the bed. He removed his clothes and she bit her lip, enjoying every inch of his body as he revealed it.

’’I wish we could stay naked. I love to look at you.’’

’’We can inside our home.’’ He put one knee on the bed, bent over and braced his arms near her. ’’Lie flat on your back and put your feet my way.’’

She followed his orders. He grinned and she loved seeing him happy.

’’Put your heels against each side of my shoulders.’’

She wasn\ sure why he wanted her to do that, but she didn\ hesitate. It meant her legs were almost straight up in the air since he was so close to her. He surprised her when he unlocked his arms and lowered his upper body. Her heels ended up on his back instead of resting against his shoulders. He grabbed her inner thighs and shoved them apart. She stared at him, not concerned that he wanted to take a look at her se*. She loved to examine him.

’’Do you know what I\m going to do to you?’’

’’Look at me. It\s okay.’’

He licked his lips. ’’Remember what I did to you with my hand? I\m going to do that with my mouth. It will feel really good. Let me hear how you enjoy it, Candi. You\ e a little different than Species so I want to make certain I\m doing it right for you.’’

It seemed a little surprising, but she was willing to allow her pup to do anything to her. ’’Are you sure about this?’’

He chuckled. ’’Yes.’’ He spread her open, gripping her thighs tighter. ’’I want to taste you.’’

She nodded. ’’Anything.’’

’’I appreciate you trusting me.’’

’’I know I can.’’



She tried to relax when he leaned his head lower and his hot breath fanned her intimately. When his tongue touched her she jerked, but she was just surprised. He hesitated and licked her again, his tongue hot and wet. Using just the tip to apply a little pressure, he focused on one part.

Her breath caught. It felt strange but good. He used his lips, and she clawed at the bed. That felt really good. It was sweet pleasure. He grew a little more aggressive and Candi moaned.


Hero growled and had to pin Candi\s thighs against the bed when she tried to wiggle her hips away from his mouth. Her moans encouraged him and assured that she enjoyed oral se*. He loved the taste of her, and how the little bud he played with stiffened. His kon*** could relate. She was addictive to him.

He wanted to use his fingers to f*k her while he tongued her clit, but she kept trying to twist away. She was close to coming. He opened his eyes, staring up at her. The sight of her clutching her own breasts, kneading them, made him snarl. It sent her over the edge and she climaxed hard.

He pulled his mouth away as she panted, her body relaxing. It was difficult to rip open one of the packages and get a condom on. He hated the things, but her safety came first. He tore a little hole in it with his fingernail in his haste to fit it over the head of his kon***. He tossed it aside and opened a new one. Slow down, he demanded.

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