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The confining condom felt unnatural, but he couldn\ risk Candi getting pregnant. He rose and crawled up her body, making certain he kept his weight off her. She smiled at him, looking se*y and sated.

’’You\ e so beautiful.’’

’’So are you.’’ She reached up, wrapping her arms around his neck.

He glanced down, almost feeling guilt since he wanted to be inside her. He should just go into the bathroom and handle his own needs. Candi seemed to read his mind though when he looked at her again. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. She squeezed, trying to pull his lower half against hers.

’’We don\ have to. This was about pleasing you.’’

She bit her lip and adjusted her leg, digging her heel into his ass cheek. ’’I want you inside me. I like when we\ e one.’’

That was a perfect way to put it. He lowered and adjusted his hips until his cock brushed against the vee of her se*. He found the right spot and pushed, slowly entering her. He had to close his eyes, the sensation too intense to do anything but enjoy how good it was to mount his female.

Candi raked her fingernails over his skin, along his back, causing him to growl. He sank into her deeper, loving the way her body held him, fit him. Her lips brushed his throat and she moaned.

’’My pup. I love you so much.’’

He forced his eyes open to stare down at her. He didn\ care that she called him that. It had once been a source of pain, but now, once again, it was the endearment that it had always been. ’’My funny-faced human.’’

She chuckled. ’’You love my tiny nose, and that I can\ hurt you with my flat teeth.’’

He grinned back. ’’I do.’’

She moved her arms from his shoulders to hug him around his ribs. Her fingernails raked down his spine, all the way down to the curve of his ass. He growled, driving his kon*** into her deeper. Candi moaned in response. He moved slowly, gently, taking his time.

He kissed her throat, arched his back and lightly bit her shoulder. He used his lips, tongue, and fangs to bring her pleasure. She finally grabbed his face, pulling it toward hers. He kissed her lips, deepening it when she opened up to him.

He taught her how to kiss. She was a fast learner, and he couldn\ hold back anymore. He pounded in and out of her, pinning her in place. He realized he should remain gentle but she encouraged him with verbal moans and choppy words. Her pussy clamped tightly around his driving shaft and he broke the kiss to clench his teeth together, fighting not to come until she did. He pressed his lower belly against her se*, making sure to rub up against her clit.

’’Yes!’’ she yelled, her body shaking.

Hero gave in to the desire and had enough presence of mind to roll them onto their sides as he let go of his control. He held his Candi close, his body trembling and shaking from the aftermath of spilling his semen into the condom. She nuzzled her face against his chest and he smiled when she chuckled.

’’I love se*.’’

’’I do too. Am I hurting you? I am locked inside you from the swelling that happens at the base of my shaft. I told you about that.’’

’’You feel amazing, and there\s no pain. se* is so good because it\s us having it together, isn\ it?’’

He stroked her back. ’’Yes.’’

She grew silent in his arms and he adjusted enough to look down at her. She kept her chin down so he slid his hand under it, tilting it up. There was a look in her eyes that he didn\ like.

’’What is it?’’

’’Nothing.’’ She glanced away.

’’Don\ do that. We don\ lie to each other. Did I hurt you?’’

’’No. It isn\ that. I was just thinking about something, but I don\ want to upset you. I think it would.’’

’’You can talk to me about anything.’’

’’Not this.’’

He gently rolled her onto her back when the swelling receded, and lifted up. ’’I have to throw this away. I\ll be right back.’’ He hated to withdraw from her body but he had taken the class about condoms. They\d shown the males how to put one on, and that they needed to remove it and throw it away before their kon***s softened or it could slip off, defeating the purpose of wearing one in the first place.

He tossed it into the bathroom trash and quickly washed his hands before returning to Candi. He sprawled out next to her on his side and stared into her eyes. ’’Something is on your mind. Talk to me. We shouldn\ have secrets.’’

She bit her lip.

’’Candi,’’ he growled. ’’Speak. Something bothers you. Share it with me and we\ll face it.’’

’’I was just thinking about how good se* is between us. I wondered if it was that way between you and other females.’’ She paused, studying his eyes. ’’I didn\ enjoy se* the one time I had it with that feline. Are you angry that I was thinking about that?’’


’’You withhold so much from me, being protective. I don\ have the experience other females have. Do you understand what I\m saying?’’


’’I only have one bad experience to compare against what we do together. You must have many good memories. I don\ have experience with se* like the females you must have known. I liked your kiss, but it was my first one. Did I do it right? Do you wish I knew more?’’

That frustrated him. It wasn\ directed at her. He had to calm down before he looked at her again. He regretted that his emotions had surfaced as soon as he saw the tears in her eyes. He\d somehow hurt her.

’’We share love and it makes everything we do special. I like that I get to be the first to show you how to kiss, and what it feels like to put my tongue on you. It\s the way it should have been.’’

’’You\ e not just saying that to make me feel better?’’

’’I feel more for you than I have for anyone else, or ever will. That is the truth, Candi. There is no comparison, and I am not thinking about anyone but you when we touch. You please me the most. Never question that. I wish you could forget about that feline. I am trying very hard to.’’

’’I can do that.’’

’’There\s no need for you to worry about other females, or if you please me.’’ He stroked her cheek. ’’I wish I could change the past, but it\s done. You are my everything, Candi. That\s all you need to know and remember.’’

’’It\s foolish to be jealous, isn\ it?’’

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