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Rusty nodded. ’’That\s true. Some of us have grown tired of having the same setups in our homes. I put my bed in the living room and turned my bedroom into a library with shelves of books. The couch and coffee table fit in there where the bed used to be.’’

’’Why don\ you just use the library down here? It\s got a ton of books.’’ Halfpint peered at her curiously.

Rusty hesitated. ’’I bought a lot of se*y books. Some of them are quite arousing. I don\ want all of you knowing when I\m reading them and some,’’ she shot a glare at Bluebird, ’’tease me when I do. Now I have privacy and can shower afterward.’’ She directed her attention on Candi. ’’Expect to be embarrassed sometimes because everyone will know things if you don\ shower. They will make jokes.’’

’’I can\ smell that.’’ Halfpint smiled. ’’It\s good not having a super-sensitive nose. I don\ want to know when you share se* with a male, or when you are aroused. I just wish some of you were quieter when you have males over, or at least have them pull the beds farther away from the wall so they don\ slam into them.’’ She pointed at Sunshine. ’’You\ e the worst offender.’’

Sunshine chuckled. ’’I like a good pounding. What can I say? Less talking if the bed is rocking.’’

’’You remembered me saying that, but not how it\s just rude to make guys do stuff for you just because you\ e sleeping with them?’’ Kat looked disgusted. ’’Fantastic. Don\ tell anyone you got that quote from me, okay? Just do me that favor. I\d kind of like to keep my job.’’

’’Your job?’’ Candi was curious.

’’I help out however I can and teach some classes. It seems I\m also being a bad influence on the women in the dorm.’’ Kat shoved the plate at her. ’’Here. Eat the whole thing. I didn\ cook them or they\d be burned. That should put a few pounds on you. Darkness always asks how my day went when I get home, and I want to tell him I at least got you to chow down on a few dozen double-chip chocolate cookies. Otherwise I\ll have to confess that I\ve apparently made everyone here fear household things.’’ She glanced around. ’’Those horror movies are supposed be entertainment and help you understand why assholes commit crimes.’’

’’Your job is safe.’’ Bluebird leaned against Kat. ’’We like you. I especially enjoy it when you get angry. I\ve learned all kinds of words.’’

’’F*k,’’ Kat muttered.

’’Motherf*ker,’’ Sunshine chanted.

’’Cocksucker,’’ Rusty chimed in.

’’I love this game.’’ Halfpint grinned. ’’What a kon***head.’’

Bluebird frowned. ’’Cock, kon*** or head. I\m coming up blank on what to associate that with.’’

’’Son of a bitch.’’ Sunshine chuckled. ’’kon***, in that sense, makes me think of a bastard.’’

’’Enough,’’ Kat pleaded. ’’Come on. I\m going to go upstairs and get Missy. That will make me feel better. I know a lot of you are reading her books. She\s teaching you way worse things.’’

’’You aren\ going to disturb her. She\s working on the next book.’’ Rusty crossed her arms over her chest. ’’I want to read it and she promised to let me see whatever she writes.’’

One of the feline females crossed the room and stood next to Rusty. ’’We\ e Missy\s beta readers. We\ll restrain you and call your mate to come collect you if you try to interrupt what she\s doing. He\ll see you all tied up and want to share se* with you. You\ll find yourself over his shoulder and hauled home immediately. Missy thinks she might finish the book at some point today so don\ try it.’’

Candi was stunned. They were threatening to tie up Kat, but the female didn\ look alarmed. She just rolled her eyes and shook her head.

’’Great. Missy gets a set of guards for writing about se*, but what do I get? Jokes about liking a dominant man. You all suck.’’ She shoved the cookies at Candi again. ’’Do me a favor. Eat every single one of those. Please.’’

Candi accepted the plate. ’’There are a lot of them.’’

’’I\ll get you some milk.’’ Kat spun around and stalked back toward the kitchen.

Rusty chuckled. ’’She\s the one who sucks,’’ she announced and pointed down at her groin. ’’She admitted doing that for her mate.’’

The females around Candi burst into laughter. She didn\ understand what was so funny but they were amused.

’’I heard that!’’ Kat slammed something in the kitchen. ’’I\m never answering your questions again if they involve se*.’’

Hero entered Security and discovered Justice, Slade and Fury waiting for him. He followed them into a conference room and everyone took a seat. He wasn\ sure why he\d been called away from his post but he didn\ see any alarming expressions on the males around the table.

’’What is it?’’ Hero glanced at each of them.

Justice spoke first. ’’A few FBI members wish to speak to Candi.’’

’’They have questions for her,’’ Slade interjected. ’’It\s her choice whether she agrees to talk to them.’’

’’They can\ force us to give them access to your female.’’ Fury paused. ’’You need to speak to her on the matter. They implied they wouldn\ upset her in any way.’’

’’No.’’ Hero shook his head. ’’I don\ want any humans around Candi. Why is the FBI involved? I thought human police were hunting for my mate.’’

Justice answered. ’’Darkness\s mate worked for the FBI. She informed me that they have better resources to handle something like this and your Candi was effectively kidnapped as a child, held at Mercile, and then transferred across state lines when she was taken to that psychiatric hospital. She fears local law officials from the jurisdiction where Penny Pess died might overlook details that could prevent your female from being charged with murder. I agreed with Kat, and asked them to get involved. They took over the investigation.’’

’’Candi only killed so she could survive and reach Homeland. I refuse to allow anyone to upset my mate. She\s been through enough.’’

Fury nodded. ’’That\s what I suspected you\d say, Hero. We still had to ask.’’

He rose to his feet. ’’I\ll return to duty.’’

Slade stood. ’’Go home to your mate. We have someone covering your post for the rest of the day. Tell her what is going on. You need to discuss this with Candi, and at least ask her if she wants to talk to them. Trust me on this. Females get pissed otherwise.’’

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