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’’Not all humans are good.’’

’’I heard about that too. There are protestors outside the gates who think we\ e not human enough to deserve the same rights they have and it offends them. I learned about some of the churches that believe Species are an affront to their God since other humans engineered Species. These are the same people who believe it\s wrong for couples to have medical intervention to get pregnant if they have difficulty, or to even use birth control to limit the number of children they have. I learned a lot today. I heard about the ones who think we\ e a danger to mankind, because they fear we\ll breed with humans and eventually spread beyond NSO walls. That\s why we keep our babies secret. Some humans fear change and the mixing of races. I learned ’’

’’Enough,’’ he rasped. ’’You know then how bad they can be.’’

’’I also met Trisha and Kat. There are a lot of humans like them too. They don\ hate or fear Species. They are good females. They told me about the other mates and some of the humans who work with the NSO. They are great people, Hero. I also heard about the ones who support the NSO. They send letters of love to us, and they buy things off the website set up to sell supportive New Species things like T-shirts and autographed photographs of Fury and Justice. They stand outside the gates in opposition against the protestors just to aggravate them.’’

He sighed. ’’I appreciate every one of them, but it\s the ones who still hate us that worry me.’’

’’Kat worked for the FBI. Her boss ordered her to come to Homeland in an attempt to free a criminal who was being held here. She refused and instead told Darkness the truth. It almost cost her and her best friend their lives to do the right thing. Do you know what that tells me? Perhaps the FBI will send someone here like Kat. They might sympathize with Species and want to do the right thing. I\m willing to give them a chance. That means I need to speak to the agent they send.’’

He closed his eyes. It was logical. He couldn\ dispute anything she\d said. There were good humans, but Candi was his mate. He\d go insane if she was wrong and it turned bad. He\d want to kill anyone who made her cry or yelled at her.

’’My pup? Look at me.’’

He did.

’’I want to do this. It\s important to me. Someone is willing to listen, and I\ve wanted that for so long.’’

’’I can\ be there,’’ he rasped.

She stopped petting his arms. ’’Why?’’

’’I\d go crazy if they aren\ kind.’’ She remained silent for a long time, just staring up at him. ’’I understand that you want to do this and why, but I\d hurt someone if they upset you.’’

’’I understand.’’

’’Will you refuse to speak to them if I\m not there?’’

She smiled. ’’Is that what you\ e hoping for?’’


’’You\ e so cute.’’

He scowled. ’’Does that mean you still will do this?’’

’’I need to.’’

He respected her and her decision, even if he didn\ agree with it. His female had always been brave. ’’I\ll stay close, but I can\ be inside the room. You speak to them here, nowhere else. I\ll attack them if they try to take you away from me. Be warned.’’

’’I don\ ever want to leave the safety of the NSO. This is where I belong, with you.’’ She slid her hands upward to his shoulders. ’’How was your day?’’

’’Good until we had this talk.’’

She tried to hide her amusement, but failed. ’’I know what will make you feel better.’’


She released him and backed away, offering him her hand. ’’Come here. I learned something I think you\ll like today.’’

He allowed her to lead him to the couch and released his hand. He tried to sit but she shook her head. ’’Stay just as you are.’’

She climbed on the couch, on her knees, and gripped his belt. He moved to stand in front of her when she tugged on him. He looked down, watching as she unbuckled his belt.

’’What are you doing? Do you want me to change clothes?’’

’’No. I\m just getting rid of this.’’

She used his body to brace as she leaned forward and placed the belt and his holstered weapon on the table. She began unfastening his pants. He wondered what she was up to. It seemed she planned to undress him. He opened his mouth to speak, to point out that he needed to remove his boots first but she yanked his pants down to his knees before he got the words out. Her fingers curled into the waist of his boxer briefs, slowly lowering them until his cock was free.


She looked up at him and licked her lips. ’’There was a joke told today that I didn\ understand.’’ She gripped his vest, used it to pull herself off the couch to stand, and gently pushed. ’’Sit.’’

He was confused as to why she\d stripped him from his waist to his knees, but she didn\ leave him much choice when she shoved harder. He lost his balance with his pants around his knees and collapsed onto the couch, landing on his bare ass.

She went to her knees and stared at his cock. His body responded to her as she splayed her hands on his thighs, brushing them closer to his se*. He cleared his throat and swallowed hard.

’’The lotion is in the bedroom.’’

’’Kat does this for her mate. I had her explain why the females were saying she sucked.’’ She held his gaze. ’’It\s my turn to put my mouth on you. Can I try it?’’

He forgot how to form words.

’’Are you okay? Your mouth is open and you\ e staring at me in a strange way.’’

He cleared his throat. ’’I\ve never had this done.’’

She smiled. ’’Never?’’

He shook his head. His kon*** hardened even more, almost aching at just the thought of Candi performing oral se* on him. Species females didn\ do it, or at least never had with him.

’’I could be bad at this, but I\d like to try. Kat gave me detailed instructions. May I?’’

He managed to nod and dug his fingernails into the couch to grip the cushions. His heart rate accelerated as she licked her lips again, the sight of her pink tongue exciting him even more. Her gaze lowered and she bent forward, one hand wrapping around his shaft.

He watched with rapt attention as she opened her mouth and timidly ran her tongue over the head of his cock. He locked his body in place to avoid jerking at the sensation. She grew bolder then, actually taking him inside her mouth. It was warm, wet, and she sealed her lips around him too. He had to close his eyes when the pleasure began as she moved, taking a little more of his shaft, and dragged her mouth upward. A growl tore from him.

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