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He was afraid she\d stop, but she didn\ , seemingly unconcerned with the sound he\d made. She grew even bolder and took more of him. Her mouth was heaven and hell. His toes curled in his boots.

’’F*k,’’ he rasped.

Candi pulled off him and his eyes snapped open. She looked at him with curiosity. ’’Am I doing it wrong?’’

He shook his head. ’’No.’’

She smiled. ’’Good?’’

He nodded. ’’So good.’’

’’Kat said to expect you to snarl and growl. She didn\ say anything about cursing. I was just checking. I am not supposed to swallow. Males come really hard and it can choke me. Tell me before you lose your seed, and I\ll do what she does.’’

’’What\s that?’’

’’Just grip my shoulder and I\ll show you.’’ She lowered her gaze and opened her mouth, taking him back inside.

Pleasure coursed through him as Candi tormented him in the best way possible. He tried to just enjoy it, but watching her turned him on too much. She couldn\ take much of him but she used her hand to stroke his shaft as her mouth worked the top few inches of his kon***. His balls drew tight and he felt ready to explode. He gently gripped her shoulder, careful not to bruise.

She eased her mouth off his cock but hovered just above it. Her tongue swirled around the head. Her gaze lifted and she stared into his eyes. Her hand slid upward to her mouth, stroking his shaft in tune with her licks. He started to come hard. Candi backed off with her mouth, but used the palm of her other hand to cover the top of his kon*** as she continued stroking him.

He threw his head back and snarled her name. Candi released him. He caught his breath and opened his eyes, staring at her. She had removed her shirt and used it to wipe her hands. He watched as she stripped out of the rest of her clothes.

’’My turn.’’ She grinned, backing up toward the bedroom. ’’I\ll get out the condoms.’’

He bent forward, tearing at his boots. ’’Give me one minute.’’

’’Hurry. I want you so much. I missed you today.’’

’’You\ e trying to distract me from our earlier disagreement.’’

’’How am I doing?’’


Candi laughed and spun, running into the bedroom. ’’Come see how wet that made me.’’

He got his boots off and stood. He kicked away his pants and boxer briefs, ripping at his vest to get it off. He just threw it on the floor as he stalked after his mate. She was already on the bed when he entered. Condoms had been placed next to her. She spread her legs and drew her knees up, exposing her se*. The sight made him forget all about his shirt.

He dropped to his knees and lunged, grabbing her hips and jerking her ass to the edge of the bed. He released them and wrapped his hands over her inner thighs, pushing them farther apart and pinning them in place. He loved the way she scented when she was aroused. He lowered his face, fastening his mouth directly on her clit.

’’My pup,’’ she moaned.

He snarled in response. He was hers and she was his. He wanted her so much it hurt. His cock, hard and stiff again, ached to be inside her. He wasted no time playing with her. He knew he shouldn\ be so rough with her, but her moans urged him on. Her fingers dug into his hair and curved around his head, holding him in place. He stopped trying to hold back.

Candi bucked her hips, almost getting away from his mouth. He growled and pinned her tighter, not letting up. She cried out his name as she jerked under him, climaxing hard. He panted when he rose, releasing her. He grabbed a condom and used his teeth to tear open the wrapper.

His hands fumbled a little as he rolled it on. Candi panted, but suddenly rolled away. He froze, worried he might have hurt her, until she crawled to the center of the bed on her hands and knees. She threw her hair out of the way and grinned at him over her shoulder.

’’Take me like this.’’

He followed her up onto the bed. ’’I take you facing me so I can be more gentle.’’

’’Mount me. I learned all kinds of things today from the females. This is supposed to feel incredible.’’

It seemed that Candi planned to kill him, but it was a hell of a way to go. He positioned himself over her and gently entered her from behind. He groaned. She was hot and wet and tight, her body so welcoming. Her answering moan as he sank into her helped reassure him that she was okay with the position. He lowered his body over her back, and braced his arms beside her shoulders to keep her secured under him. He rocked his hips slowly at first, allowing her time to adjust to him. Candi turned her head and rested it against his arm.

’’You feel so good. I love you.’’

He loved her, and everything about them being together. ’’You\ e my everything, Candi.’’

’’Stop holding back. Give me the canine experience.’’

He chuckled and stopped moving. ’’The what?’’

’’It\s what the females call it. Do that thing you canines do. Hold me tight and go really fast.’’

He lowered his head and nipped her shoulder. He pinned her tighter under him. ’’Tell me to stop if I hurt you. I worry.’’

’’I promise.’’

He adjusted his legs on the outside of hers to pin her thighs together and placed his calves just under her feet to keep her from being able to move much. His fangs lightly raked her skin to brush kisses along her shoulder. He closed his eyes, focusing on his mate. It felt amazing to slowly f*k her. He\d found the position that she liked best, judging from her response. It only took a few moments for him to be certain he'd learned how to please her. He paused.



Hero pounded into her. Fast, hard, merciless. Candi cried out and he froze.

’’Am I hurting you?’’

’’It\s intense but not painful.’’

’’That\s how it\s supposed to be.’’

’’Do it again.’’

He f*ked her hard, deep and fast. Her vaaa**l muscles squeezed around him and her broken moans grew louder. One of her hands clawed at his, braced on the bed beside her, but he ignored the slight sting of pain. She wasn\ trying to get away from him. He clenched his teeth, wanting to come bad. The tighter her vaaa**l muscles clamped around him, the more difficult it became for him to hold his seed.

Candi screamed his name and he could feel her climax. He threw his head back and allowed his release to come. The howl that tore from his parted lips was unexpected, but he didn\ care if others heard him. She felt that good and he couldn\ mute his reaction.

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