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Hero nodded. ’’She\s mine. This was just so she knows I accept her. All of her. She\s always felt less because of her human blood. She tried so hard growing up to become stronger, as if she were Species.’’

’’I hate to bring this up right now, but is she going to be at the meeting with the FBI in the morning?’’ Darkness paused. ’’Kat will be there.’’

’’She wants to speak to the humans and tell her story.’’ He hated to admit that. It would put Candi in the room with FBI agents. ’’I can\ be there, but I\ll be close. I\ll lose my temper if they upset her.’’

Darkness nodded. ’’Kat won\ allow them to verbally mistreat her. My mate has a temper and a mouth on her. I\d worry more about the FBI agents leaving in tears.’’

’’I\d want their blood if they act as if Candi is telling them lies,’’ Hero admitted. ’’She really hopes they believe her. I just don\ want her to be disappointed. She\s seen far too much of that in her lifetime.’’

’’She\s a strong female.’’ Jinx grinned.

’’I know it. I just want to protect her.’’

Darkness nodded. ’’I understand, Hero. Mates are everything, but you have to let her make her own decisions and just be there when she needs you.’’

Chapter Thirteen

Candi straightened her shoulders and locked gazes with Breeze. The taller woman didn\ look happy. Her next words proved it.

’’Are you sure you want to do this? Some of these humans with authority jobs are pure assholes. I\ve sat in on some meetings between us and the NSO before. They treat us as if we\ e children. They can be rude, conceited, and act as if we lie.’’

’’I will tell you the same thing I said to Hero. I need to do this. I want to do this. I spent years wishing someone would listen to what I had to say. Take me in there.’’

’’Hero looked angry when he said he was coming with you after all. Why wouldn\ you allow him to come?’’

’’Did you see how stressed he is?’’ Candi winced. ’’I was afraid he\d attack someone. I\m not as fragile as he believes.’’

’’He\s protective of you. We all are. We want you to heal from what you\ve endured.’’

’’Then let me in that conference room.’’

Breeze nodded. ’’Fine, Candi.’’ She pushed open the door, but then snarled when another female Species already stood in the room, leaning against a wall. ’’What are you doing here, Kit?’’

The feline pushed off the wall and placed her hands on her hips. Her gaze landed on Candi and her eyebrows rose. ’’She\s dainty.’’

’’This isn\ the time or place to be rude.’’ Breeze jerked her thumb. ’’Out. The humans should arrive in a few minutes. They are being brought through Security now to speak to Hero\s mate.’’

’’That\s why I\m here.

Breeze scowled. ’’What?’’

’’Hero is my friend, and I don\ want anyone to upset his mate. I\m far meaner than the male assigned to help you control this situation. I told him to get lost and took his place. I\m your backup. We\ll tag team these human males.’’

Breeze opened her mouth then closed it. She chuckled finally. ’’Work on your sayings. That isn\ the right one. You make it sound as if we\ e going to share se* with them at the same time and then switch se*ual partners.’’

Kit lifted her upper lip in disgust and hissed.

’’Yeah. Exactly.’’ Breeze pulled out a chair and indicated Candi should take a seat. ’’Remember they will probably make threats, but they can\ do anything to you. They are just meaningless words to intimidate. It stops the moment you stand up and leave. You can at any time.’’ She pointed at Kit. ’’I\ll let you stay, but behave for once. Don\ aggravate the situation. Let me take the lead.’’

Kit inclined her head. ’’Thank you.’’

Candi took a seat and the Species females stood on each side of her, right behind her chair. She felt safe. The door across the room opened and a couple entered. The male wore a suit. The female wore a tailored skirt, jacket and button-down shirt. The male Species who\d escorted them pointed to the chairs across from Candi. The humans took seats, staring at her.

Candi didn\ feel fear. She tried to assess which one of the two was their leader. The human female spoke first. She opened a thick file and pulled out a photo, tossing it on the table. Candi looked at it, and lifted her gaze without touching it.

’’I\m agent Mona Garza. Do you know this woman?’’

’’That\s Penny Pess.’’ Candi didn\ have to look at it again.

’’Did you kill her?’’

Candi nodded. ’’She planned to kill me first. She said my father died, and wouldn\ pay her to keep me locked up anymore. She told the orderlies she was taking me to another hospital, but that was a lie. She pulled far from the road in her car, believing I was still drugged in the backseat. She opened the back door to pull me out of the car to end my life, and I took the knife from her. We fought and I won.’’

The woman picked up the picture and closed the folder. ’’We were informed by the NSO of what happened when they invited us to have a meeting with them. I looked at the file the police had on the murder investigation once the body was discovered. Two orderlies and the gate guard stated that Dr. Pess planned to take you to another hospital. She implied they\d be waiting to receive you as a patient.’’ She paused. ’’What the police failed to do was check that out. I had our agents do it. We contacted every hospital within a three-hundred-mile range. Do you know what they discovered?’’ She didn\ wait for an answer. ’’You weren\ expected at any of them.’’

’’That\s because the doctor planned to kill our female,’’ Kit growled.

Both agents shifted in their seats, watching Kit. Breeze cleared her throat. ’’It was self-defense. You would have found our female\s body if she hadn\ killed the doctor.’’

Agent Garza looked at Candi. ’’Why didn\ you go to the police after it happened?’’

’’You\ e human. I had to kill one of yours. I told the truth for years while I was locked up, but no one would believe me. I wasn\ willing to risk it. Humans had refused to help me every time. I knew I needed to reach Homeland.’’

’’I understand. We spoke in depth to the staff where you were kept, pulled your medical records, and even the financials for your care.’’ Garza paused, her gaze examining Candi. ’’I wanted to personally tell you that I\m sorry for what you must have endured.’’

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