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’’What do you want?’’

’’You naked.’’

’’That\s not fair.’’

He straightened. ’’Why not?’’

’’I\m already without clothes.’’

He softly growled. He inhaled and picked up the scent of her arousal. It stirred his own. ’’What have you been doing while I was gone, my Candi?’’

’’Thinking about you, my pup.’’ She stepped in front of the open bedroom door. ’’Come get me.’’ She ducked inside the bedroom.

He followed, careful not to slam his knees into the coffee table. He entered the bedroom and glanced around. She\d covered the smaller bedroom window more effectively, leaving him without enough light to see as well as he had in the living room. He sniffed the air, tracking her by scent. She was near the bed.

’’Not fair,’’ she whispered.

’’Who said I had to be? You\ e naked.’’ He caught her quickly, chuckled and swung her up into his arms.

’’You\ e not supposed to use your senses against me when I don\ have the same. Remember?’’

’’You used to wear clothes. Things change. I never wanted to catch you this bad before.’’ He sat on the bed with her on his lap. His hands roamed her body and he cupped one of her ass cheeks. He gently squeezed. ’’I love how you feel.’’

’’You like my curves.’’

His other hand caressed her soft, warm stomach. ’’I do.’’

She turned into him and wrapped her arms around his neck. ’’Can I throw away the condoms? Trisha said I\m healthy. I\m a few pounds over what she wanted me to gain.’’

’’You want to try for a baby now?’’

’’Yes.’’ She brushed her mouth over his chin, nibbled up across his jawline and whispered in his ear. ’’We\ e making up for lost time.’’

’’It might not happen right away.’’

’’I know. I heard what Trisha said. She didn\ want us to be disappointed if I don\ get pregnant on the first attempt.’’

’’I\m going to turn on the light. I want to see you.’’

She was the one to lean toward the nightstand and switch on the lamp. He blinked to adjust his vision and grinned. He studied his Candi. She projected a healthy glow now, and no longer looked as she had when she\d first come to him. She was even more beautiful. ’’You take my breath away.’’

’’You always say that when I\m naked.’’

’’I say it when you\ e clothed too.’’

’’You don\ take on that husky tone though.’’

He stared into her eyes. ’’That\s because I want to lick you all over right now and be inside you when you start moaning my name.’’

She smiled and fumbled for the bottom of his shirt, tugging to get it out of the waistband of his pants. ’’Let\s get out of these.’’

He leaned back to help her and she shoved the shirt upward. He lifted his arms and she got it off and tossed it onto the carpet. He fell back on the bed and watched as Candi straddled his thighs, her nimble fingers opening the front of his pants. He loved looking at her, watching her. She glanced up and paused, tilting her head slightly.


’’I\m just happy.’’

’’You\ll be more so if you stop lying there and help me get these pants off you.’’

He reached out and wrapped his hands around her hips. ’’I need to tell you something.’’

’’What is it?’’

’’I once told you that you were my weakness. I was wrong. You are my strength.’’

She bent over him, bracing her hands on his upper chest. ’’You don\ have to say that.’’

’’I do. I was afraid at the time. I mistook how I felt about you as weakness. You mean everything to me and I only existed after I lost you, but I wasn\ really alive until you found me again. Thank you.’’

’’You\ e going to make me cry.’’ Tears filled her eyes. ’’But they are happy tears.’’

’’I want you to know how I feel.’’

’’I know every time you look at me and touch me.’’

He rolled over, pinning him under her. He scooted down her body, kissing her lips, her throat, and teasing her breasts with his mouth. She moaned and spread her thighs. He lifted his hips to get his pants off, and shoved them down as he reached her stomach. Her fingers stabbed into his hair, pushing him lower. He chuckled.

’’Someone is impatient. I thought you wanted to play.’’

’’I love sharing se*.’’

’’I\d have to work harder if you didn\ .’’ He kicked his pants and boxer briefs away, finally free of all his clothing. He reached her pussy and gripped her thighs to hold them open. She had a habit of trying to close them right before she climaxed. He growled when he caught her scent of need, his cock rock-hard and hurting to be inside his female.

He played with her clit. She loved his tongue, but she also enjoyed when he used his lower teeth to gently rake over the soft bud. Her moans filled the room and he released one of her thighs, automatically reaching for the box of condoms on the nightstand that he always kept stocked and ready. His fingers brushed it, but then he remembered they no longer planned to use them.

The idea of nothing between them, and being able to come inside her, drove him a little insane. He lifted up and grabbed her hips, flipping her over. ’’Crawl to the middle of the bed,’’ he snarled.

She didn\ hesitate, getting on her hands and knees for him. He followed her up and put his legs on the outside of hers, using his calves to brace her feet. He was excited and knew she was close to coming. So was he. He\d make it up to her later by taking his time making love to her. They could spend hours touching and kissing.

He reached down and gripped her hip with one hand, using the other to guide the crown of his kon*** to her opening. He pressed against her, rubbing against it, teasing before he entered. She was wet and ready for him. They both groaned as he pushed forward, taking her.

He released the shaft of his kon*** and came down over her back, using one arm to support his upper-body and reached around her stomach, sliding his palm lower until his fingers brushed over her clit.

’’My pup,’’ Candi moaned.

’’My Candi,’’ he growled back.

He moved, taking her fast and hard as he pressed against her clit so every drive of his hips rubbed her sensitive bud. Her broken cries and moans told him how much she enjoyed being claimed by him. He loved being inside her. There was nothing that ever felt as right as she did to him.

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