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He placed it on top of the nightstand and both of his arms wrapped around her, lifting her to sit across his lap. He reached inside the drawer and pulled out a pen. His gaze held hers.

’’Sign the papers.’’

Shock shot through her and she glanced at the folder. Are those what I think they are? She really hoped so as she turned her head to stare at him.

’’I thought I\d have to argue with you a lot before you\d agree.’’ His voice deepened. ’’Sign them. We\ e in the bedroom and I\m giving you an order.’’

’’What are they?’’ Her voice sounded as shaky as she felt. She wanted a confirmation before she got too excited.

He frowned. ’’You know what they are. Moon saved the mating papers from when they were drawn up the day Justice and Fury came to your home. I demanded he give them to me months ago. They have been waiting for you.’’ He leaned in and his nose touched her, staring deeply into her eyes. ’’You\ e my Alli,’’ he rasped. ’’My mate. Sign them.’’

She nodded, blinking back tears. ’’Okay.’’

He smiled and handed her the pen. She nearly dropped the thing and gripped it tightly as he lifted the folder, gently placing it over her lap. He reached around her with his other arm, using both hands, and opened it.

Tears blinded her until she blinked them back. She skimmed the document. Basically it was a contract stating she was agreeing to live under NSO laws, wanted to be a member of the New Species Organization, and was committing to being Obsidian\s mate.

He leaned in until his lips brushed her ear. ’’Don\ read them, Alli. The words aren\ important. You\ e my mate.’’

She dropped her focus to the bottom of the page and stared at one signature already on it. Obsidian\s name was there in ink. He held her gaze when she looked up.

’’You already signed this?’’

’’The day Moon brought them to me.’’

Her heart melted.

’’Sign, Alli. That\s an order.’’ He smiled. ’’I\m being se*y. Don\ make me bite you.’’

She laughed and used one hand to steady the paper while she did as she was told. ’’I might like it.’’ She threw the pen back into the open nightstand drawer. Her gaze lifted to his. ’’I\m all yours. It\s official.’’

’’I\m going to make you happy, Alli.’’

She wrapped her arms around his neck. ’’I am.’’

’’I was willing to show you all the ways I could do that.’’ Humor glinted in his eyes. ’’Are you sure you are happy?’’

Her teeth snagged her bottom lip, chewing on it. ’’Maybe not.’’ She couldn\ pull off a serious look and grinned. ’’I did want a turtle when I was a kid but my parents said no. I could think up stuff that makes me sad so you can cheer me up.’’

’’A turtle?’’ He suddenly grinned. ’’What about a horse? Did you ever want one of those? Darkness said something that I haven\ forgotten.’’

’’What did he say?’’

’’You could ride me like a pony if you wanted.’’

Her eyes widened, surprised he\d just blatantly made an offer that would put her in charge, but then she imagined what it would be like straddling and f**king Obsidian. ’’Oh yeah. I totally wanted a horse.’’

’’How do you feel about dogs?’’

’’I love them. Why?’’

’’I share some traits with them.’’ He growled. ’’I\ve learned to appreciate what I am and not resist my instincts with you.’’

’’I happen to love you just the way you are.’’

’’I\m going to love you a lot, Alli.’’ He brushed his lips over hers. ’’All the time. Forever.’’

She believed him. Later they\d have to discuss the possibility of having children but for right now, she just wanted to be with him and make up for lost time they\d been separated. Their children, when or if they had them, would look just like their father but she hoped his sons would be a tad less stubborn.

’’What are you thinking about?’’ He studied her. ’’You look amused.’’

’’I\m imagining that pony ride. Lie back.’’

A soft growl rumbled from him. Everything about Obsidian was se*y and he was all hers.

Obsidian felt absolute contentment for the first time in his life as he stared at his mate. He had worried that he might have lost his Alli forever when he\d been told she\d been sent away. Raw, gut-wrenching grief had plagued him for the first weeks they\d been separated. He\d hated everyone, blaming all for her loss. 46\s death had been hard on him but life without Alli was unbearable. She meant everything to him.

Breeze and Moon had battled him every step of the way by not leaving him alone. He had to fit in if he wanted to be with Alli again. He would have done anything to make that possible.

He\d needed to make friends and stop snarling at anyone who approached him. They\d repeatedly risked their lives by facing off with him while he dealt with overwhelming rage. Both had kept assuring him he\d get her back he just needed to learn how to become a functioning member of New Species society.

The game was on. He\d been determined to learn their rules and do anything they required to get her returned to him. They wanted him to speak words of kindness so he\d set aside his pride. In time he actually had begun to like other Species. Some of the walls he\d built were slowly chipped away as he heard the stories of survival and loss from males who lived at the dorm. They all shared a bond, some more than others.

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