Obsidian Page 91

Not a day had gone by when he didn\ miss his Alli. Night had been the worst. The bed seemed too empty and he\d brushed his fingers through his hair or touched his own chest just to help keep the memories of her fresh. Breeze would take pity on him sometimes and check on Alli and give him updates.

His Alli was safe and well, working at Fuller. It had kept his hope alive that she\d be in his arms soon. When Moon had brought the mate papers to him he\d promised that they\d sneak over the walls of Homeland and retrieve her themselves if that\s what it took to get her back if she wasn\ returned within a four-month period. The waiting had been hard but he\d had hope.

He\d only had to wait three months.

He stared into her eyes something he\d never take for granted after she\d been taken from him. His mate was finally in their home and she\d never leave him again. They\d be happy together. He wouldn\ allow anything less.

Her fingers caressed his chest as she leaned over with a smile that melted his heart. She owned it and him. They were true mates. He\d once had misery and suffering but now he had a lifetime of happiness to look forward to.

’’I love you, Alli.’’

’’I love you too.’’

Her lips met his, kissing him as his arms wrapped around her. He wasn\ ever going to let her go. Mine!

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