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The Hound inclined his head toward the door, and Devlin preceded Gabriel toward it. The two faeries walked out of the building, and then Irial and Niall were left alone in the destruction.

Irial waited for the words that went with the frustrated anger that he could taste. He counted a dozen heartbeats before his king turned to face him.

’’Don\ push me again, Iri,’’ Niall whispered. ’’I rule this damnable court now, and I\ll do it with you on my side as you promised or with you under my boot.’’

Irial opened his mouth, but Niall growled.

’’You tell me you care about them, and about me, so you better prove it.’’ Niall blinked against a trickle of blood that ran into his eye. ’’I don\ expect you to change today, but you need to trust me more than you have.’’

’’I trust you with my life.’’ Irial ripped the edge of his shirt off and held it out.

’’I know that,’’ Niall muttered. ’’Now try trusting me with my life.’’

And to that, Irial had no reply. He kept his mouth closed as Niall stomped through the destruction and left. The Dark King was here, truly and fully, and Irial would do what he could to serve his king.

As truthfully as I can.

There was no way to tell Niall everything, but he had three years before he had to be fully honest. An otherwise unoccupied faery could get a lot accomplished in three years, and the sort of king Niall was could get his court in order in far less time than that. All told, the Dark Court was better off than it had been in quite some time.

And so is Niall.

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