Radiant Shadows Page 78

’’I\m not here to fight you, Brother.’’ Seth held his hands up disarmingly. ’’I will fight Bananach though.’’

’’And if Bananach\s death still kills your mother? Why should I let you cross over there, knowing that it could bring disaster on us?’’

Seth looked away, almost quickly enough to hide the fear in his gaze, but it was only a flash. He smiled then. ’’You cannot keep me here. The terms of her remaking me were that I can return to the mortal world. Even you cannot negate her vow.’’

’’If they came home, if the other courts returned here...’’ Devlin had thought of it, all of Faerie returned home once more, away from the mortal world, no longer divided into factions and seasonal courts.

Seth laughed. ’’Do you think that Keenan would give up the Summer Court? That Donia would give up her court? That Niall would become a subject to you or to our mother? Pipe dreams, man.’’

’’They would be safe here now that Bananach cannot enter.’’

Seth shrugged. ’’Some things are worth more than safety.’’

’’I cannot speak of what would happen to our... to your queen if you died.’’ Devlin stared through the veil, wishing that he had the ability to see the future in the mortal world. ’’I would come with you, but protecting Faerie comes first. I cannot risk Faerie for the mortal world.’’

’’And I can\ abandon Ash or Niall.’’

Devlin paused. ’’Tell me what you see.’’

’’Nothing. Over here, I\m mortal. I see nothing until I go back....’’ Seth bit his lip ring, rolling the ball of it into his mouth as he weighed his thoughts. ’’I don\ see anything, but I\m worried.... Ash is dealing with her court alone. Sorcha was to balance Niall, but now you balance her. What will that mean for him? Irial was stabbed. Gabe was outnumbered. Bananach is murderous and only getting stronger.... Nothing there makes me think everything is going to be all right.’’

They stood silently staring through the veil. ’’When you are ready...’’

Seth stared at him for a moment. ’’If... you know... I die, she\ll need you. She doesn\ like admitting it, but she will.’’

Devlin put his hand on the veil;Seth did the same. Together, they pushed their fingers through the fabric and parted it.

Devlin put a hand on Seth\s forearm. ’’It will not open for you to return unless you call to me to be here also.’’

’’I know.’’ Seth stepped into the mortal world, leaving Faerie.

Devlin thought about their recent reentry to Faerie, about fleeing while he was injured, about the danger of Faerie being locked to the other regents and to Seth. He looked through the veil at Seth\s departing figure and said, ’’Try not to die, Brother.’’

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