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’’I love the sound of that.’’

’’Winter, Braxxon, is that you?’’ Storm hollers through the club.

’’Yeah it\s us.’’ Angel hollers back.

’’Did I come at a bad time? I just wanted to get here early to go over the liquor order for next week,’’ Storm says apologetically as she gets closer. She\s done so good keeping everything going this past week and she\s been dealing with Lana\s death too.

Angel scrambles off the floor adjusting her clothes better. ’’We\ e engaged,’’ she says running over the rest of the way to Storm with her hand out and Storm automatically takes it and starts gushing over the Angel wings. Yeah I did well.

’’Braxxon, did you do this on your own?’’ Storm asks, not taking her eyes off Angel\s ring. ’’I mean the idea of it?’’

’’F*k yeah I did.’’

’’You did well, Braxxon.’’ Storm compliments me.

’’Thank you.’’

’’No problem. Well since you\ e here, do you wanna go over the order instead of having me do it,’’ she asks Angel.

’’About that, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to become my club manager. You\ve done so awesome and I think you and I would work good together. It\s more money and you wouldn\ have to dance if you didn\ want too. It\s okay if you say no. I won\ be upset. I promise.’’

’’Really? I would actually love that. I was planning to go back to night school to finish my degree in business management. It\s what I was doing before, well you know, before everything that happened to me,’’ Storm whispers shyly.

’’Then it\s settled. I guess it was meant to be when Braxxon found you. I plan on keeping you forever if I can,’’ Angel gushes hugging her.

That\s when I can feel it. I can feel that everything is going to be okay. Angel is so strong. She\s a fighter and a survivor and even under her newly found hard exterior is a beautiful interior.

’’Did you hear that, babe? Storm said she\d be my manager,’’ Angel says happily.

’’I heard baby;I\m happy for you.’’

’’Great, because I plan on opening a few more businesses,’’ she says simply.

I quirk an eyebrow at her, crossing my arms and lean against one of the stages. ’’What kind of businesses?’’ I ask.

’’You\ll see,’’ she grins.

The End

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