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Tom said again, ’’What video?’’

Maggie blushed. ’’Of you kissing a woman on the slopes. I\d say it was... Elizabeth Wildwood.’’ She smiled. ’’Really nice kiss. If the eligible she-wolves weren\ already interested, they\d be pounding on your door. And the bachelor wolves? They\ll take notes.’’

Tom let out a disgruntled sound and headed for the exam rooms. ’’I\ll kill Cantrell.’’

If Elizabeth had been one of their wolf pack, Tom could have walked back and learned the status of the patient, no questions asked. He would have informed Darien of her condition right away.

Even with her not being part of the pack, Darien would have to be told about her condition since she\d been injured in their territory. That was a pack\s way of doing business. Patient-client privileges were not relevant here. Especially if they learned that the man who had pushed her was a wolf from their own pack and had done so with malicious intent. It was also important to protect the pack from another that might be angered that she\d been injured here.

Tom met Nurse Matthew standing in the hall, typing notes on a computer. New to the pack, the tall, dark-haired man wore blue scrubs and sneakers. When he saw Tom approaching, his somber expression turned into a scowl. Matthew didn\ have much of a sense of humor. The hospital needed him, although he hadn\ fit in well with the other wolves.

Tom had welcomed Matthew to the pack and attempted to draw him out of his lone-wolf mind-set, but he remained standoffish.

Matthew blocked Tom\s path right away. ’’She\s in with Doc.’’

So Matthew knew exactly why Tom was here. And he didn\ like it.

’’I know that.’’ He had only assumed, but he didn\ want to indulge Matthew. ’’I\ll be in the staff lounge. Tell Doc I need to see him when he\s done.’’

Matthew gave a reluctant nod. He had worked in a strictly human hospital before this and had not been with a pack before. He didn\ care for pack politics, but he did like to see to the care of wolves and not just humans. Darien had high hopes that the nurse would come around eventually and join in the other wolf activities in the pack. They needed his nursing skills no matter what.

Tom had pulled Elizabeth\s camera out of his bag the first chance he\d had to see if it worked. He\d thought he might be able to take a look at the display, but he couldn\ get the camera to turn on. Broken? Hopefully it was something easily fixed.

He poured himself a cup of coffee in the staff lounge and glanced out the window. A couple of vehicles drove by a black pickup and a white minivan. Because of the snow accumulation, the streets were quiet.

Doc Weber walked into the lounge and poured a mug of hot tea. A red wolf from Lelandi\s pack originally, he was gray haired, shorter, and staying here to take care of Lelandi and her babies. Now Jake\s wife would be having hers, and Doc Weber said he\d stick around a while longer. Tom thought he\d stay forever, considering how fond he\d grown of their pack.

’’She\ll be okay, if you\ve come to check on Elizabeth Wildwood.’’

As if the doc didn\ know that\s why Tom was here. ’’What\s the verdict?’’

’’Mild wrist sprain, some bruising, and minor back strain. She doesn\ really need any special treatment for it, but she might want to sleep for a while. She\ll be as good as new before you know it.’’

’’The concussion?’’

’’The scan showed no problems. She seems to be fine. If you see any setbacks...’’ Doc paused. ’’You\ll watch her, right? I would keep her overnight at the hospital for observation unless you or one of your family members will be with her for the night.’’

’’Um, yeah.’’ Tom hadn\ planned to stay with her for the night. But if Doc thought she needed Tom to watch over her, he would. ’’She said someone pushed her on the slope. Did you see any evidence of bruising, particularly on her back or shoulder?’’

Doc Weber rubbed his forehead like he always did when he was tired, then took a sip of his tea. ’’She has a couple of bruises, but considering all the clothes she wore and that the man most likely wore gloves, I doubt any fingerprint bruise marks would have occurred.’’

Footsteps sounded and Elizabeth joined Tom and the doc in the lounge. She had a wrap on her left wrist, her parka under her right arm, and a sack in her hand. She gave Tom an annoyed look. He could tell it was put on or at least he thought it was.

’’I\ll live. Told you so. Dr. Weber was very thorough. You all made way too big of a deal of it.’’

’’Better safe than sorry,’’ Tom said, fighting a smile. She was a feisty little thing and ready to bite, and he was amused at her taking him to task. He pulled her snow boots out of the bag and helped her into them after she sat down on one of the chairs.

Doc Weber took another sip of his tea. ’’I gave her an ice pack she can use.’’

Tom eyed the wrap around her wrist. ’’Thanks, Doc. I\ll be in touch if she begins to feel bad.’’

He helped her to stand, then draped her parka over her shoulders. Relieving her of her bag, he rested his hand at the small of her back and guided her down the hall and out through the waiting area. He hurried her past the reception desk before Maggie could say another word that might embarrass his charge. Like mentioning that damned video. He wanted to see it as soon as possible, but he didn\ want Elizabeth to learn of it. And he wasn\ paying to watch it!

Maggie was on the phone, thank God, or he was certain she would have said something to them on their way out.

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