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Lelandi shook her head. ’’If only I\d known.’’ She got her phone out and called someone. ’’Hello, Uncle? It\s me. Lelandi. Yeah, we found Tom. And someone else. Someone related to a couple of people in your pack. Elizabeth Wildwood. She\s the half sister to Sefton and she\s Quinton\s niece. The possibility exists that her uncle murdered her parents. But we don\ have the proof. Another of your pack members, North, was supposed to give it to her.’’

’’I haven\ been able to get in touch with him,’’ Elizabeth said. ’’I don\ know if he\s come to harm or not.’’

Lelandi passed the information to her uncle. ’’She\s staying with us now. I believe... permanently.’’ She raised her brows at Elizabeth, waiting for confirmation.

Before she could respond, Tom said, ’’Damn right.’’ He wanted the whole world to know Elizabeth had a home with him, with his pack, that she wasn\ going anywhere. She would never again be in a situation where she didn\ exist.

Elizabeth smiled. ’’We\ e... mated, if no one guessed.’’

Everyone cheered them, then Kemp said, ’’I don\ know what I\m cheering for. Tom got the girl.’’

Everyone laughed.

Sam\s smile faded and he said, ’’Excuse me for a moment, and don\ say anything important until I get back.’’

He walked into the den and pulled out his phone. ’’Silva? Did you... need any help with the opening of your... tearoom?’’

Elizabeth smiled up at Tom. He leaned down and kissed her mouth, glad he hadn\ waffled around about wanting Elizabeth for his own.

Lelandi said to her uncle, ’’Yes, Elizabeth is now part of our pack. Permanently. If you can check into the whereabouts of three of your pack members North, Sefton, and Quinton we\ll be grateful. Thanks so much. Love you, Uncle.’’ She ended the call.

Elizabeth reached up and clasped her hands around Tom\s neck. She kissed him with passion and longing, claiming him for her own in front of some of his pack. It felt good to show off that she was loved, and that she loved someone back just as much. That she was mated, but this time to a real wolf who wouldn\ stray. That she was accepted for who she was and that her relationship with Tom was just as well received.

No one could take that feeling of elation away from her. She knew mentioning North bothered Tom, but he had nothing to worry about. No one could steal her away now.

Sam returned to the living room, frowning, but he didn\ say anything.

’’Why go after North first?’’ Tom asked Elizabeth.

’’We need to learn the truth,’’ Elizabeth said, but what concerned her most at this point was whether North was even still alive. ’’Given North\s disappearance, I don\ think he was involved, but we don\ know for sure what part he plays in all this. CJ didn\ seem to know who hired the men who kidnapped me, or if Eric was working with them or not. Where were they headed? Must have been somewhere that they could land. One of the kidnappers said they were a half hour from their destination. Unless they were way off course.’’ Elizabeth paused.

’’Uncle Hrothgar will put the word out to his pack about the three red wolves. We\ll also call the alert roster about them. Anyone who sees any of them will detain them, if they can, or report their whereabouts. We also need to track down CJ\s brothers,’’ Lelandi said.

’’I can help track them. I want to do this,’’ Elizabeth said.

Tom furrowed his brow, looking concerned.

The front door opened, and Sam and Tom jumped to their feet in protective wolf mode.

’’Just us,’’ Darien called out as he shut the door.

’’Did you get anything more out of CJ?’’ Tom asked as his brother entered the living room.

Darien snorted. ’’That he\s sorry he left the pack. I\ve called in the plane crash. They have investigators coming who will take care of it. I told him you didn\ find any survivors, Tom.’’

’’What if they find my ID? Or my deed?’’ Elizabeth asked.

’’Stolen,’’ Darien said. ’’We\ll come up with a story when the time comes.’’

’’Good,’’ Tom said, taking hold of Elizabeth\s hand. ’’We don\ want to have to explain to the media how she came to be with the men, or how she survived the crash.’’ He took a deep breath. ’’Elizabeth wants to help track the wolves.’’

’’You mean our cousins, right?’’ Darien asked.

She stood. ’’I\ve done this kind of thing before. I\ve worked with special teams who search for missing hikers. I\m good at what I do. Of course, most of the teams I worked with didn\ know I had a unique ability to smell trails. Some would tease me about being a bloodhound in another life. As if I would have ever been a dog.’’

That earned a couple of chuckles from the men who had been with her as she played the perfectly lovable but according to Tom disobedient dog.

’’Okay, she\s with us,’’ Jake said, as if he was in charge instead of Darien.

Darien, however, looked to Tom to see if he was agreeable, which surprised Elizabeth. Why wouldn\ the pack leader just make the decision?

’’I think she should rest up a bit more from her ordeal,’’ Tom said.

Elizabeth was about to say she\d go it alone if she could help just to prove her worth because she was desperate to let the others know she really could be an asset to a pack and not just a liability. But before she could respond, Lelandi cleared her throat.

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