Silence Of The Wolf Page 75

Tom laughed, turned on some soft instrumental music, then raised the volume.

’’What\s so funny?’’

Tom pulled off his snow boots, then joined Elizabeth and wrapped his arms around her back. He slowly danced to the music with her. ’’Peter thought his brother had been involved in illegal operations all this time. He said he caught the two of them sparring in the guest bedroom of his home. We all thought it was a case of mate abuse.’’

She laughed. ’’I guess they were keeping in shape.’’

’’Speaking of keeping in shape...’’

Elizabeth had never danced with a wolf before, and she loved Tom\s moves as he held her close, rubbing his body against hers and claiming her, just as she was claiming him back. ’’Great dancer.’’

’’Hmm,’’ Tom responded, his hands slipping all over her back, sliding the soft wool sweater against her skin. His warm hands slid up her sweater, his fingers pausing at her bra. He smiled. ’’Did you find it in my room?’’

’’I had to look a bit. It was tucked away in your underwear drawer between two pairs of black briefs.’’

’’See how I even share my drawers with you?’’

She smiled and rubbed her body against his, loving the feel of his cock coming to life, firm, ready. ’’I love how much you share every bit of you with me.’’

That earned her a smile. He leaned down and nuzzled his face against her cheek, lower until he could kiss her neck, her throat, her breasts. At the same time, his fingers unfastened her bra at the back. When he straightened, she pressed harder against his erection, wanting to feel his firmness, touch him, caress him, take him inside her.

He groaned as she moved her pelvis, grinding against him.

He slid his hands around to her waist, traveling up her skin and making her tremble with expectation. She loved how he responded, his heated gaze, his hot touch. His fingertips traced the wire cups of her bra, but then he pushed it out of his way and cupped her breasts with his hands, the sweater still covering her.

His mouth was on hers, not soft and gentle and refined, but taking what he wanted knowing she craved the same. The lust driving them both. The need to conquer and possess, to fulfill the hunger that chased them.

Her se* was already aching for completion, and she was wet for him. His eyes were filled with desire, his lips insistent, his tongue stroking the inside of her mouth. She savored the feel, sucked on his tongue, and made the big gray wolf groan with entreaty. And she loved it.

His hands slid around her back again, lower and lower until they were on her buttocks. He pulled her hard against him, making her feel his feral need for her.

She didn\ hear the music any longer. Their feet were still walking to the beat on the soft plush carpet, but she concentrated on how he made her body turn into a burning furnace. He unzipped her pants, plunged his hand into her panties, and felt the wetness between her legs, then smiled.

An all-knowing, smug smile. He might make her wet, but she made him rock hard. She slid her hand over his jeans and the rigid bulge eager for release and stroked, telling him she wanted him. His kisses grew more urgent, his hands tightening his hold on her ass. He was about ready to strip, forget the foreplay, and get on with business.

She thought she heard him mutter how hot she was, and then he pulled off her sweater and her bra. He tossed them to the floor, then yanked off his own sweater and shirt. She loved the way he made her feel desirable, wanted, needed. Growling low with a little bit of a purr, she ran her fingers over his chest. She felt his sleek, warm, hard muscles under the palms of her hands and saw how his nipples pebbled.

She hadn\ been able to see him like this, hadn\ been up this close to touch him every bit of him without being buried beneath blankets and covers to keep the chill out. The room was comfortably warm, though she was burning up as she skimmed her hand over his skin, feeling his muscles, smelling his hot, musky all-man scent. He encouraged her to take her pleasure first, experiencing how her hands slid over him while she cherished him.

That didn\ last long as his mouth drew down to hers, slanting over her lips, his hands now cupping her naked breasts. His tongue licked the seam of her mouth as she attempted to unzip his pants. He slid his tongue into her mouth again. She concentrated on pulling his jeans away from his lean hips, trying to enjoy the way he invaded her with his tongue and sent her senses reeling.

She struggled, tugging at his jeans, wanting to stroke that enticing part of him that his pants and boxers still held hostage.

She managed to jerk his jeans down to his knees and reached for his boxers. His alpha wolf came into play. He kicked off his jeans and quickly dispensed with hers. Her panties and his boxers hit the floor next.

Naked, skin to skin, he continued to slow dance with her, his hot, hard body rubbing against hers. She was in heaven as she raised her arms and looped them around his neck, letting her breasts skim his chest, her hips swaying, her mound rubbing against his full-blown erection.

His darkened brown eyes were clouded with lust as he stroked her back with his large hands, sliding them down until he cupped her buttocks again. She felt his whole body tense right before he lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around him. He slowly carried her to the bed, kissing her, loving her.

He was a wolf dream come true.

He set her on the bed, but she didn\ release him, her legs wrapped around his hips, and he grinned. More than one way to do this, she thought his expression said.

He slipped his hand down to her wet se* and stroked her nub until she released him. She moved onto the mattress, wanting him on the bed with her. Like a predator wolf approaching his mate, ready for a joining, he prowled across the mattress to reach her. His fingers renewed their strokes, his free hand pushing her legs apart.

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