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Minx screamed. Elizabeth\s heart dropped into the pit of her stomach. Her fur stood out in aggression as she bolted for Minx.

As soon as Elizabeth saw the wolf, she recognized him. It was Sefton. And he was trying to corral Minx in the direction of Winston\s house.

Elizabeth didn\ care if he was bigger than she was, or a full wolf when she was only half. She lunged at Sefton, biting him in the neck before he knew what hit him. She feared that would be the only good bite she\d get in, but she hoped it would give Minx time to get away.

Sefton tore loose and snarled and growled. But he didn\ attack.

Minx ran off. Thank God.

Sefton\s failure to attack her made her pause. He\d wanted to kill her before when she was little. Why not now when she had attacked him?

Fine. She\d run into town and get help for North and Tom and make sure Minx got in safely.

As soon as she bolted off, Sefton lunged at her. She saw the furred body flying at her out of her peripheral vision. She had only a second for her heart to give a start, and she made a startled yelp. Right before he slammed into her.


Darien had discovered tracks that indicated someone had been hauling supplies somewhere, and he and Jake started following the trail.

Sam and Silva were a few feet away searching for more tracks.

Sam finally said to Silva, ’’I know why you\ e doing it.’’

Silva looked over at him. ’’Yeah?’’

’’You\ve been wanting to remove that old glass mirror from behind the bar forever, and I didn\ want to. It gives the place character.’’

She snorted. ’’You give the place character.’’

He smiled, then grew serious again. ’’You\ve wanted to update the windows. Even the ceiling fans.’’ He paused and glanced at her. She waited for what he had to say next. ’’Well, it\s time to make a few changes.’’

’’You can do whatever you want with your tavern, Sam. But I\m opening my tearoom on Saturday, eleven o\clock sharp.’’

Darien took a deep breath and shook his head at Jake.

Jake gave him a small, knowing smile back.

Sam didn\ say anything for a while as they trudged through the snow. ’’For a long time now, I\ve thought of the tavern as being ours. You\ve worked with me for years.’’

’’I\ve worked for you for years. There\s a big difference.’’

Darien didn\ think they\d ever resolve their differences. He didn\ remember it being this difficult between him and Lelandi, and for that he was eternally grateful.

’’I can\ find anyone to replace you,’’ Sam growled.

She didn\ respond, but she smiled.

’’Don\ look so smug,’’ he said.

’’You\ e looking for someone who\s just like me. Am I right? Find someone who\s not. You know. Hire someone who\s blonde and tall, with green eyes.’’

He stopped in his tracks and seized her arm.

She raised her brows at him. Darien and Jake came to a halt, warily watching the two of them. Darien knew Sam and Silva had to resolve their issues on their own, but he wanted to step in as pack leader and as a friend and tell them to get it over with and mate already.

’’I don\ want anyone new, Silva. I want you.’’

’’I\m not working at the tavern anymore.’’ She jerked her arm free and stalked off.

Sam stared after her, then as if he realized Darien and Jake were watching them, he glanced in their direction. With a furrowed brow and a frantic wave of his arm, Darien encouraged Sam to go after her.

Sam scowled and hurried after her. ’’Silva, wait up.’’

She didn\ , of course, and instead walked faster. ’’We\ e supposed to look for tracks. Not air our personal business out here.’’

’’I don\ want anyone else. I want you.’’

’’I\m not working at the tavern any longer. When will you get that through your thick ’’

Sam pulled Silva into his arms and kissed her. Darien and Jake stared, jaws hanging open. It wasn\ that they hadn\ seen them kiss before, hot and passionately and way too often for them not to have mated by now, but Darien just hadn\ expected it here and now.

Darien nudged Jake to follow him, and they continued to look for the sled tracks.

’’What was that for?’’ Silva asked, sounding out of breath and awed.

’’I want you back.’’

’’Sam, I won\ give up my tearoom.’’

’’I didn\ say you had to give it up. This is the happiest I\ve see you in ages. I want to share in your new venture.’’

She looked skeptically at him. ’’Somehow I can\ see you wearing frilly Victorian wear while you serve ladies special tea in tiny antique teacups.’’

Darien stifled a chuckle, poking Jake in the ribs when he didn\ manage to control his own chuckle.

’’Besides, you have your tavern to run,’’ Silva said to Sam.

’’I want to help you in any way that I can. But I don\ mean just that. I want you with me at night. Every night. The tavern will have new hours closing down early so we can spend more time together.’’

If Silva and Sam settled things between themselves, it would be a cause for celebration.

’’Why didn\ you say so before?’’ she asked.

Sam scrubbed his gloved hand over his nearly black beard. ’’You were always with me. Always nearby. I got to hear your smart-ass comments all day long from the time we opened until the time we closed. I could deal with not having you in bed with me at night, believing that we\d get there eventually. I want to be with you when our places aren\ open. Sundays our establishments will both be closed. You\ e only operating from eleven to three for lunch the rest of the week. Maybe you could come over ’’

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