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’’I\ll have to have a little talk with my little brother. Man...I\m not that arrogant, am I?’’

’’Hmmm...not arrogant, just confident,’’ I replied.

’’What does that mean?’’ He narrowed his eyes at me playfully.

’’ Max,’’ I said shyly, and stuck my finger in my mouth. I was recalling those times when he got me all heated up, the first time I saw him, the time I ran into him at CaféExpress, the restroom, and at his office. All those passionate, blazing moments before we even kissed.

Those two words got him excited. ’’Don\ forget that,’’ he said with conviction, and took my finger out of mouth, only to put it into his.

’’Bad, Max,’’ I whispered, as tingles shot through me from head to toe. It was intense, producing raw pleasure. After I got all heated up and the urge between my legs burned, he let go. He had done that on purpose. Really bad...bad...bad Max, but he was mine, mine to hold, mine to keep, and mine to love.

Becky was right. I would rather love hard and get hurt, than not really love at all...but in my case, it was different. I got the happy ending. I didn\ know what I was missing until Max entered my life, and I was glad he\d found me. When you know you\ve found the one, your whole life changes. The mind, body, and soul connect and become one. No obstacle is as bad as it seemed, because you know that together you can conquer what life throws at you.

The storm had finally died down and the sun found its way up again. It was never too dark or gloomy in Los Angeles, and just like anything in life, the sun always did come up...sometimes when you least expected it to.

’’Get some rest, Jenna. I\ll be right here. I\m not going anywhere. When you feel better, I\ll take you car shopping.’’

’’Okay,’’ I said, nuzzling into his arms as I thought about how much damage this would do to my bank account.

Oh....’’ Max reached inside his pocket and took out a key that was hooked to a key chain. ’’Matt helped me changed the locks. I want you to have it, but I\ll understand if you don\ want it right away.’’

’’Thanks, Max. I\m ready for it. I don\ want to wait,’’ I said as I took it from his hand and traced over the words ’’Something Great.’’

Max\s eyes expressed happiness, and he gave me the big, irresistible grin he did so well, making my heart and stomach flip like crazy. Then he leaned in and gave me a tender kiss on my forehead.

Holding the keychain inside the palm of my hand, I cuddled closer to him and closed my eyes to welcome sleep. Ever since I\d laid my eyes on him, I\d never touched the ground. All the things my mom had said to me over the phone reminded me of Max. To me, Max was, according to her words, someone I could not live without. Max was without a doubt my something great...and together...we would be...something wonderful.

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