Talania A Trip Down Memory Lane Page 53

He is absolutely crazy! But our story is crazy. I nod while I cry from happiness.

’’You fixed us this time,’’ I whisper.

’’So to infinity?’’ he asks.

’’To infinity.’’


Today, I turn 22. I have been in remission for two weeks and three days. That is just one more miracle in my life. It takes years to battle cancer, especially Leukemia. We pray daily that I stay in remission this time. Tristan and I married shortly after he proposed. It was a small beach wedding, another first.

’’Mommy! Someone took a dump and I don\ want to change it.’’ I laugh and close my diary as Uncle Drake brings me my son. ’’Sorry Sunshine. This one is all yours!’’

’’Where\s your daddy, little man?’’ I take my son and blow bubbles on his belly.

’’He\s on his way home from the club.’’ Drake smiles at me.

’’Is everyone here? Is Selena already here too?’’

Drake and Selena have been together almost a year now. They went out shortly after my twenty-first birthday and really hit it off. She is still fighting cancer, but her test results are getting better every day.

Tristan and the guys still have the band and every once in a while, I will sing with them. They still are approached with offers, but Tristan is more than happy with his life just the way it is. Adella and Shawn are still feuding. I still do not know what happened between them to this very day.

Mom and Dad have been divorced for over a year. They barely speak and mom rarely comes around, but I have found I don\ mind that one bit. The Monroes are in our life on a daily basis and I wouldn\ have it any other way.

As I am thinking back over the past year, Tristan comes stalking up to us, looking as handsome as always.

’’How\s the birthday momma?’’

’’I\m doing well. How was your day babe?’’ I whisper as his lips touch mine.

’’It\s much better now.’’

’’Yeah?’’ I tease.

’’Oh yeah, babe. Who is this handsome little guy getting all the attention from my wife?’’

Tristan Jr. giggles as his father tickles him on his sides.

He stops smiling, looking me directly in the eyes, piercing me with his Tristan \I am about to get serious\ stare.

’’Cancer free baby.’’ he says and then grins.

’’Cancer free baby,’’ I repeat.

It has been a long, hard road and I consider myself very lucky the second time around. I have been blessed with a husband, a son, and three awesome doctors who fought tooth and nail to help me beat cancer. I thank my lucky stars every day that I made it. And I will continue to be thankful for the rest of my life.

’’To infinity.’’

’’To infinity baby.’’

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