The Death Dealer Page 49

She encouraged Albee to kill William Morton, helped him with his costume and drove him around. The police believe now that Barbara was the one to lure Bradley Hicks to his death. It was easy enough to arrange a meeting in the cemetery, and from there...

Sarah was lucky she wasn\ seen, or she, too, might have been found in a tomb. Hopefully no one will ever tell her that.

Barbara had extracted the arsenic that killed Thorne from rat poison. As a librarian, she had Internet access and lots of time to read, and the method wasn\ hard to come by.

Larry Levine finally wrote a book. It was on the Poe Killings, and it was published by Brook Avery, in his first venture into book publishing. It was not only well-reviewed, it was a bestseller.

Don Tracy is scheduled to perform as Albee Bennet in an adaptation of the book that\s coming to Broadway. It\s going to be a musical. Go figure. It might be a short run. Then again, who knows?

Nat Halloway, executor of Thorne Bigelow\s will, filed all the papers and did all the work. The New York Poe Society received a huge endowment. Jared, who inherited the bulk of the money, married Mary. She\s still a closet drunk and a bit of a bitch. Which is sort of ironic and actually okay. They deserve each other.

At first Genevieve and Joe talked about running away to Vegas and doing something fun, like an Elvis wedding. But they both adore Eileen and didn\ want to cheat her out of her chance to play mother of the bride, so instead they were married at St. Patrick\s in a huge affair. Matt and I were there, of course, and I know they saw us.

They moved out to Joe\s place in Brooklyn, but they\ e contemplating something a little wilder. Joe still has the urge to move out to Vegas.

Matt and I...

We\ e still learning. Learning as we go.

It isn\ easy being a ghost, but it has its rewards. Matt and I have everything we need most, in life and in death. We love, and we\ e loved in return. And isn\ that what everybody wants?

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