The Fox Inheritance Page 78

It's a journey, Locke. A long one. How was I to know how long it could be?

Jenna drives me to the station and walks me to the gate. She takes my hand and slips something into my palm. I look down at a piece of frosted green glass. ’’It's the other eye of Liberty,’’ she says. ’’Lily said it was out there somewhere, and if we looked hard enough, we would find it. I think she'd want you to have it.’’

I close my fingers around the small piece of glass. ’’Now I just need to find the first one again, don't I?’’

She smiles. Neither one of us can say more. She stands on tiptoe and kisses my cheek. I turn and walk to the platform just as the train arrives. I look back and wave. It's all I can do not to run to her. Her hand rises slowly and then closes into a fist, like she doesn't want to say good-bye either. But I know she's right. There's still so much I need to know, a world I need to live in, a life I still need to live.

Picture yourself five years from now, son. Where do you want to be? Remember that. Every day. That's how you'll get there.

Maybe in five years. I pat my pocket where my new ID is tucked away. She smiles and nods.

Focus on the goal.

I do. For Dot. For Bone. For Kara. For Miesha. For someone I haven't even met yet. Maybe even for my dad. And for me. A boy. A man. A something. I'm going to find out.

The wind of the train whips at my coat. I rub the worn piece of green glass between my fingers and tuck it into my pocket and then wave to Jenna one last time, maybe my last time ever. I can almost see Kara standing there beside her, waving back to me too. We held hands. We crossed a line. We made one another braver. They made me braver.

And I step onto the train.

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