The Girl With The Windup Heart Page 31

If anyone else had said it she would have groaned and rolled her eyes, but she melted like butter on a stove instead. ’’That\s so sweet.’’

He lifted his head and kissed her. ’’I love you, too.’’

Months ago, if anyone had told Finley that her freakish nature would lead her to such happiness she would have called them a liar and punched them in the nose. She would have given anything to be a normal girl, but now she was perfectly happy to be exactly what she was. She was content with who and what she was. It didn\ matter that they had little privacy, or that they always seemed to be getting involved in someone else\s problems. She had good friends she had a family. And she had Griffin King, Duke of Greythorne. It didn\ matter that he was rich or powerful. She\d love him even if he were a rat catcher.

’’What do you want to do tomorrow?’’ she asked. ’’Save the world again?’’

’’I\ve had enough of that for a bit. I thought maybe we could finally go for that walk in Hyde Park.’’

He\d asked her to go for a walk with him before they left for New York, but they never got to do it. With The Machinist finally gone, their lives were going to be a lot quieter. Maybe. ’’That sounds lovely.’’

’’And then maybe we\ll take a trip to my country house in Devon.’’

She\d never been to Devon. ’’I\d love to.’’

He wrapped a lock of her hair around his finger. ’’And then maybe we could go to Paris or Venice or Athens.’’

Finley\s breath caught. She\d never been to any of those places either. ’’I\ll go anywhere with you.’’

Griffin smiled. ’’I\ll go anywhere to be with you.’’ As he kissed her again, Finley Jayne realized she wouldn\ change a single event that had brought her to that moment, not even Griffin hitting her with his velocycle in the rain. And she didn\ need to be always saving the world every day with Griffin was all the adventure she needed.

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