The Lying Game Page 33

Whoever had pulled this off was doing quite an acting job though. There were still so many possibilities and questions, too. What had I done to deserve such a horrible prank from my BFFs, anyway? The Lying Game was all about one-upmanship so what had warranted my almost murder? And what about our poor Twitter Twins, excluded from the Lying Game\'s inner sanctum? They claimed they had a lot of killer prank ideas up their sleeves killer being the operative word. And then there was the mysterious missing Thayer Vega. Would we ever hear from him again? Would we ever find out what I\'d done? A guy disappearing shortly before a girl\'s murder seemed awfully suspicious . . .

I watched Emma as she floated toward sleep, her face untroubled and unsuspecting. I wished we could\'ve had one day together, one hour. I wished I could whisper in her ear and tell her what I knew for sure: Always sleep with one eye open. Never take anything for granted. Your best friends might just be your enemies. Most important, she shouldn\'t trust a single thing she knew about me yet. I wasn\'t sure how I knew, but something deep inside, something I couldn\'t quite comprehend, told me I was the trickiest member of the Lying Game by far.

Sweet dreams, long-lost twin sister. I\'ll see you in the morning . . . even though you won\'t see me.

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